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Here are my refits of Skyrim male armor and clothes models to SOS body. These are usual models, not skimpy or revealing, just converted from vanilla meshes with Clothing Converter. This will allow male NPCs to use SOS body not only when naked but always. Also included refitted models for Immersive Armors.

You are free to do whatever you want with this files.


To install:

Use your mod manager.


Why do you need it?

See what could you get when you installed SOS:



Clothed NPCs still use vanilla models but with SOS textures applied to bodies. This cause seams on thighs.

Also, when you undress NPC you could notice that body shape is changed, because vanilla body is replaced by SOS body.


When you install refitted models you will get proper view:



Included Packages:

1. Vanilla

For original game.

2. Dawnguard

For Dawnguard DLC and Legendary Edition.

3. Dragonborn

For Dragonborn DLC and Legendary Edition.

4. Immersive Armors

For mod Immersive Armors.

5. Underwear Replacer by FastestDog

For mod Underwear Replacer - Vanilla Male - by FastestDog.

What's New in Version 1.2.5


Added SE conversion.


Fixed issues with Spellbinder's boots and gloves.


Fixed issues with Miraak's robes


Fixed issues with DB armor and robes.


Fixed crash with Archmage clothes.


Fixed issue with guards armor.


Added support for SOS Light.

Created FOMOD installer to select desired options.

Fixed some boots meshes.

Added some missed meshes.


Most of outfits were manually refitted to improve quality.

Added refitted boots and gauntlets.

Fixed broken weight slider for some outfits.

Added underwear for some outfits, where required.

USLEEP meshes merged into other archives.


Added meshes from Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP).


Added refitted Underwear Replacer - Vanilla Male - by FastestDog.

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