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Hey everyone, this is my first "mod" for Fallout 4. I felt like giving back to the community and am releasing a personal texture poster pack i made a little while back using the "Posters For You" Mod by moriartykain. There aren't any requirements, so you should just be able to install the main file. Most of the pictures come from Garret Blair and are fairly tame but the style just begs to be turned into an obscurely large poster. Then there are a few from Studio FOW (incredibly tame considering the content) and lastly, like, one or two from various unnamed authors.



Unzip the download and there should be a zipped file in there, along with some resource files (Just the pictures with slight alterations done by me, in JPG form for personal use.) Then just install the 2nd ZIP file that contains the textures, meshes and materials and you should see them in-game.



Posters For You places the custom posters under the paintings category, and depending on your mod list, you should find them somewhere after the vanilla pictures.



You don't need any of these, but they're here if you want 'em.

Posters For You - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18595/

Studio FOW - http://studiofow.tumblr.com/#

Garrett Blair - http://www.garrett-blair.com/


I welcome and appreciate any feedback, hopefully, you all enjoy the mod. 

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