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Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more (SSX) 1.11.5 1.11.5

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SSX 1.10 for Stellaris 2.1.x to 2.3.x

Only the SSX and SSM species classes have the portraits. It's normal if the other species classes are empty, it's because it's impossible to add a new cityscape without his own species classes.


I do not know how to write english, but i will do my best. I am a french amateur modder, i'm watching the mods in this site for stellaris for more than one year. But with the recent arrival of new modders, i am encouraged to come out of the shadows.

In my mods you can find:


                                        .27  species traits

                                        .17 leaders traits

                                        .7 technologies

                                        .10 civics
                                        .7 cityscapes

                                        .20 species :

                                             139 xeno furred nekos

                                             86 nekomimis

                                             128 xeno furries by dr.comet

                                             91 xeno deers

                                             154 xeno horses

                                             97 egyptian themed humans (2 genders)

                                             102 xeno rabbits (2 genders)

                                             83 lewd humans

                                             80 dreanei

                                             104 fox furrys

                                             86 dog furrys

                                             219 more manga styled humanoides

                                             126 manga elfs (gendered and more)

                                             91 succubus

                                             76 overcustomized dragon furry sexy horrors

                                             85 Blue succubus

                                             48 animes girls by Oota Yuuichi

                                             119 sharks and orcas

                                             56 same xeno horses but only with the arts by Twistedscarlett60

                                             43 gardevoir inspired sexy aliens

                                        .3 machines models (experimental) (need synthetic dawn)

                                             61 cat bots ( A.R.A. from Fluff Kevlar )

                                             6 chromed bots

                                             126 anime synths ( specialized )

                                        .1 prescripted countrie

                                        .3 events

                                        .And many content not listed.

                                        Localisation: english

                                                            french, german, russian (partial)

                                                            All others localisation are minimaly supported (english text, no more "trait_leader_warm_nuts" or others things like this)


                                        Installation :

                                             With Stellaris 2.1:

                                                (  standalone  )  Sexyxenos Portraits contain all portraits and the main city

                                                (  standalone  )  Sexyxenos cities contain all others cities

                                                (  standalone  )  old Sexyxenos traits and more for stellaris 2.1 contain the traits, civic, technologies, and the events

                                                ( requirements!  )  Sexyxenos Countrie contain the prescripted nations

                                                                                   For this last part you need Just more flags, Sexyxenos and Sexyxenos traits

                                                ( compatibility mods ) Sexyxenos compatibility patch archive, not required but nice if you play with massa, enhanced gene modding, life engineering or if you want to build the ssm synths like vanilla synths.

                                       Unpack the rar archives in document/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod


                                              With Stellaris 2.2 and beyond:  ( standalone )Sexyxenos Portraits

                                                                                              ( standalone ) Sexyxenos Cities

                                                                                              ( standalone ) Sexyxenos traits and more 2.3

                                                                                                But rewrite species_has_happiness in 00_rules and opinion_friction in 00_opinion_modifier file, it's not critical, the game                                                                                                   wil not crash if it's re-rewritten by an other mod.

                                                                                                The ui for the ruler window and the pop window in the planet view are also modded, it's fully incompatible with any mods

                                                                                                 changing those windows ( crash), it's still compatible with mod menu ( mode menu must be loaded before trait and more).

                                                                                              ( requirements! ) Sexyxenos Countries = Just More Flags, Sexyxenos, Sexyxenos Traits     

                                                                                              ( compatibility mod ) You have in the patch archive a patch to play with Species Engineering



I dont mind if you take and/or change the files for your mods. Do not put the NSFW pictures on steam workshop if you don't like to live dangerously. If you really really want to do a repost, write at least a description and give the source. Check the rules of the website where the repost is done. If the loverlab is difficult to reach from your country you are more than allowed to repost it in a better place.

 Feel free to give me some feedbacks and ideas. :smile:




All graphics belong to their originals authors


Credits :

                Thanks to Abominus for the german localisation

                                Akinaruto for the french localisation

                                Lockeslylcrit and PrincessWoona for the english localisation

                                Ailine for the russian localisation

                                Pravus for the succubi species

                                Powaqqatsi for many portraits

                                Void Node for many portraits

                                The big amount of artists i have not credited for the huge cultural heritage they create like fluff kevlar, dr comet, iskra, twistedscarlet, 

                                waero, freedomthai, alfa995, f-r95, kanel, fensu, magnaluna, neoartcore, wisperingfornothing, tsampikos and many missing names I will add over time.


tips for the old trait and more file : if you did not like the event frequency go to sexysxenos/event, open the pop event text and find the
          mean_time_to_happen = {
           years = xxx                   <-  and change this value

There is one for the adorable event and one for the terrifying.   

Do not put a extremely low value for the adorable event, this can cause sexual battles.                                    



What's New in Version 1.11.5


1.11.5: Sexyxenos trait and more updated:

                 Mod's tech cost increased, very few localisation correction, more envoy for the salacious machine empire, ruler traits modifiers fixed, lewd priest is now one of the most desired job and slaves are hopefully correctly allowed

                 3 additional minor species traits


1.11.4: Sexyxenos traits and more patched, again!!! I have made a new pop details window, a little better and different, and increased a bit the size of the  governor.


1.11.3: Sexyxenos traits and more patched: no more customized pop details window because of a game breaking bug


1.11.2: Sexyxenos traits and more patched: minor bug correction, corrected building construction queue and corrected tech cost


1.11.1: Sexyxenos traits and more updated

           roughly updated the ruler window

           1 additional civic

           sadist/benevolent traits rebalanced


1.11: Sexyxenos 1.9 renamed Sexyxenos Portraits and updated.

            many portraits replaced or added, the mod have now 2368 pictures and barely fit under the maximum size a file can have in the loverlab

            2 species are cut ( the gardevoir looking species and the anime species with the monster hunter clothing )

            one new luminescent species added, created by me with the koikatsu game

            more less boring species names

            most of the species have new special portraits for the species menu


1.10: Sexyxenos trait and more updated.

           new content: 3 civics, 11 techs, 3 traits, 1 trait cuted, 1 new trait linked event with 25 pics, 5 building, 1 new job, many new rooms, 2 personalities ( paradoxal xenophobe and salacious machine ), 17 ruler and leader traits

           somes fixes and balances

           job calculation optimization

           lewd leader traits are now linked to the SSX species class and not a trait

           somes nice tweaks in the ui for the pop and ruler portraits          


1.9.1: Sexyxenos trait and more updated.

           new: 1 civic for the machines with 10 techs, 5 buildings, 6 jobs and 1 personnality linked to it.

                   1 trait

                   correction of the empty event box I hope


1.9: Sexysxenos main mod and trait mod update.

      A few hundred portraits are rescaled or replaced.

      +- 80 additional portraits

      1 new super portrait set with a few portraits from every organic looking sexy species and a few additionnal rare space waifu i can finally add 😛

      2 civics, 3 traits, 2 upgrades for the pleasuring gardens added,  1 trait cuted, many tweaks, gentle snu is 2 time rarer but 2 time more powerfull,

      ssx namelist upgraded, engrish localisation replaced by a English localisation thanks to PrincessWoona   🍪                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              1.8: Sexysxenos main mod updated

      Somes portraits are cuted, replaced or resized.

      130 new portraits added, mainly for the robot cats from Fluff Kevlar, nude humans, elves, the furries from Dr Comet and the anthro ponies

      2 additional species: 1 anthro pony species with only the arts from TwistedScarlett60

                                     1 gardevoir inspired species from me

      Corrected archetype

      SSM species now playable as organic species, not randomly generated


1.7.2: Sexyxenos trait and more is fully compatible with stellaris 2.2

         Many tweaking and balancing

         2 events cuted and 2 added

         2 traits cuted and 14 added ( including 6 for the robots )

         3 new techs

         5 new civics

         2 new buildings for the sexual idyll civic

         many new diplomatic messages


1.7.1: Sexyxenos cities is fully compatible with stellaris 2.2 Le guin and one more city set.


1.7: Main file upgraded :

        4 new species : blue succubus, lewd anime synth, anime girls by Oota Yuuichi, shark/orca furries,

        new reinforcements for the bronies, foxes, lewd/swimsuit animes, elves, dogs, cervine/vegan furries, rabbits, dragons, succubus, furred neko,

        cat girls and egyptians

        totaling 493 new portraits.


1.6.3:  russian translation by Ailine


1.6.2: corrected english localisation by Lockeslylcrit and remastered the traits icons


1.6.1: .continued to polish the snu fever event, the second last level (synthetic pheromone) is 25% more common and the last (fever forever) is doubled,   no more error lines in the error log from this event and added 3 new pics

         .4 new civics

         .restaured the french translation lost during the last update ?

         .remastered the primitive city with lights and minor retouching for the fallen empire looking city


1.6: splited the mod in 4 mods! ( one for the species, one for the countries, one for the cities and one for trait, civics, events and the rest )

       changed default SSX city

       reduced even more adorable pop event frequency

       english textes for all unsuported localisations

       SSX species have now named organs, insult, spawn, compliment

       1 new civic that unlock 1 trait

                                           4 technologies

                                           5 leader traits

                                           1 new event

       1 new species traits that unlock 12 leader traits

       new portraits:

                             128 for manga species

                             57 for dr comet species

                             53 new friends for cervine species

                             2 for canine species

                             2 for fox species

                            12 for furred cat girls species


1.5.2: reduced pop event frequency

          adorable innocent pop can't do inter-species exchange if they are under population control         


1.5.1: greatly decreased cpu usage of the events


1.5: new manga elf species with 95 portraits (gendered and more)

               succubus species with 54 portraits

               dragon species with 64 portraits

       ssx species names upgraded

       no more nameless ssm species

       upgraded the violently cuted horses portraits

       add more pictures : 19 horses

                                      12 humans

                                      3 manga humans

                                      1 cat girl

       add the "chosen" trait (like a easy mod but not too easy)

       add 3 events!                 

                  1 minor event for the "chosen" trait

                  1 small event to make the "terrifying sadist" trait more dangerous for the other pops

                  1 small event to make the "adorable innocent" trait more lovely for all pops.


1.4.1: purged the robot growth bug


1.4: splited the neko furrys and neko mimis

       most portraits are voiced

       corrected ssx and ssm classes placement in the menu

       add 41 neko mimis

              62 neko furrys

              15 lewd humans

              draenei species with 80 portraits

              fox furry species with 95 portraits

              dog furry species with 78 portraits

              manga  species with 84 portraits

              stupid sexy machines species class

                       cat bot model with 30 portraits

                       chromed bot model with 6 portraits

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