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About This File

  • ​This CC is offered completely free
  • You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary
  • I don’t take requests nor commissions


  • Base game compatible
  • For teen, young adult and adult femsims
  • Located on the Accessory section, gloves slot
  • Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear and validformaternity
  • Disabled for random sims
  • 3-4 color channels also N08 has 4 variations
  • Only available in .package format


  • N07 looks “flat” when using clear colors on the first channel
  • N08 has four “spots” around the hip, only one is visible at normal zoom. I recommend to use patterns for the first channel
  • Reduced some of the usual defects on my textures but even then things will turn ugly the more you zoom
  • Texture stretching and deformation depending on animations and your sim’s size


  • N07 took me too damn long to finish, the reason: pixelation and stretching so I had to simplify the textures A LOT...
  • N08 was more straightforward and it was made using Gravit Designer, it still lacks some stuff compared to Fireworks but there’s a chance this program will eventually become a full replacement
  • N08 has 4 variations the first one uses a custom texture, you can use a pattern beneath (very recommended). Second one has the texture “hidden” so you can take full advantage of patterns. Third one has the texture plus garthers/stockings. Fourth one doesn’t use the custom texture.
  • Everything can be used on the default body, MedBod and any other custom mesh that follows the default UV coordinates
  • If you want to mix several accessories on the same slot install NRaas Mastercontroller and activate the “Multiple Accessories per Location” option