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Have you ever felt that the Nuclear Wasteland was missing something. Well I certainly think about these things, and I wondered... where are all the adult toys? Did none of them survive nuclear annihilation? What is everyone supposed to do for fun? And well, I just couldn't watch the people of the Commonwealth suffer any longer. And so I present, Sex Toys of the Commonwealth. The people need a way to pleasure themselves, are you willing to provide them with the means to do so. These are mainly meant for decorational purposes, though they could be made into "animobjects" and used in future sexual animations.


Sex Toys
EVB Dildo -- (Normal, Glass, and Glowing versions available - Static/Non-Static)
Custom Dildo -- (Normal, Glass, and Glowing versions available - Static/Non-Static)
Butt Plug -- (Normal, Glass, and Glowing versions available - Static/Non-Static)
Beads -- (Normal, Glass, and Glowing versions available - Non-Static)


Note: Glowing versions look considerably better if you are using an ENB. (not the default ENB though, it doesn't seem to have an effect on glowmaps)


Where to Find
The Static versions are under my custom workshop category. (Decorations -> Crazy's Sex Objects)
The Non-Static versions can be crafted at a Chem Workbench under my custom category there.


Before uninstalling my mod be sure to use the uninstall chem (craftable at a chem workbench under my custom category). If you don't do this you could potentially lose vanilla workshop categories. No worries if you forget and are now missing categories, try using this mod Missing Settlement Categories Fix


Add the objects to leveled lists so they show up in containers every now and then
Create my own objects with 3dsMax
Might try to port/edit some Skyrim mods




Leito - Enhanced Vanilla Bodies

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Added 3 new toys

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