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Corseted Riding Outfit BHUNP-3BA + 2 Weapons 1.3

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About This File

Corseted Riding Outfit ported from ESO with high-poly optimization. Custom dyed as red. With bodyslide options for female bodies (BHUNPv4, CBBE 3BAv2)

The Set consists in:


  • Corseted Riding Outfit | Chest, Forearms, Pants, Boots


Install the Mod, build in Bodyslide "[Rand] ESO Corseted ... " and use AddItemMenu or similar to get the Set ingame.

If problems arise please let me know.


Credits: ESO, Zenimax, Bethesda



What was new in the 1.2 update?

  • Main plugin has Light Armor type, in the mod folder there's the Clothing type Plugin
  • Added a separate "Lusty" version of the Corset Chest with a zap
  • Added Greymoor Dagger and Soul-Shriven Iron Greatsword with related recipes and tempers
  • Slightly modified the textures and other minor fixes

Edited by Randall Steele

What's New in Version 1.3


Fixed a cubemap issue, scaled down the greatsword

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