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After fiddling in Bodyslide again, I stumbled upon what I can only describe as one of the most perfect body shapes I could probably (possibly) make for skyrim.


As I went about tweaking the sliders, again and again, I looked upon my results and gasped... the only words I could muster for what I saw before me were... "Mother of Gawwwd" XD


Annnd here it is folks, my latest and quite possibly greatest UUNP bodyslide tweaks, terrible jokes aside.


This time there are two files to be dropped in the "SliderPresets" folder, designed for a "Clothed" and "Unclothed" effect, as labeled on the files themselves.

With these, you can use them to achieve a more believable shape whether your toon has her bewbs covered or not, giving her noticeable and shapely cleavage when clothed, and a more naturally hung look when not.


Best regards to any who download, and I hope you enjoy this small contribution to this fine community. ;)

Edited by AnonAngelion

What's New in Version 2.0


Just uploading some new and better detailed pictures.

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