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One common complaint on the discord server is that there aren't enough demos, leading to the sales job getting kinda... stale. Now there's more demos, with increased variety of video clips and mechanics! Mix up the workplace with new NPC's, new dangers, and new ways to raise your sexual reputation. This mod is intended to make it a bit easier to add and start your own demos, while also improving the visual and gameplay variety of the game's existing demos. Additionally, several new achievements are added to the game using the base game's modular achievement system!


The new demos can occur after different conditions. Be careful -- these demos can get dangerous. Our hypnotist has some dirty tricks and a pregnancy fetish, while our Barista doesn't care if you orgasm on a Dumb Bitch. Our Pharmacist might require you to take an unknown pill with dangerous side effects like a Resistance or Breeder, while our stay-at-home mom is... strangely normal? Give her some attention, she's hot and she deserves it.


To unlock the new demos, simply make it to sales level 3 at the Sales Job. (AKA, "Intermediate Salesman"). At that point, your boss will tell you that you're eligible to start doing "Experimental Demos" if you sign up for them in the break room. Make sure that you've signed up for them in the break room, as the new demos are off by default.


If you *really* want to see a demo, or you're a modder, you can set a given demo to always run at the start of a demo day by running the command:

(set:$alternate_demo_override_choice to "Your Demo Starting Passage")

IE, for the pharmacy demo this would look like:

(set:$alternate_demo_override_choice to "Pharmacy Demo Bootstrap")


Install instructions: using ModLoader version 1.2 (or whatever the latest version is), select the zip files and add them to your game's install as follows:




All zip files are required to fully install the mod. Obviously adjust for version number and your installed demos. (As of Jan 5, 2023, that means you'll have the Pool Cleaner demo and 1.2.2 for example.)


Your mods folder should resemble the following, obviously adjusted for version number and installed demos:


Please report any bugs or issues to the X-Change Life's Discord server, using the #mods-bug-reports channel. There exists a thread for this mod already titled "DatDude's Demo Experiments"; if you do have any issues, please also *share a screenshot of your issue and your modlist*. Much appreciated!


Upcoming features:

- Bugfixes

- Improved sex mechanics for the Barista Demo

- More achievements!


Edited by datdude69
Clarifying demo unlock process

What's New in Version 1.0.5   See changelog


Minor bugfix for the dumb bitch scenario; losing intelligence will now actually stick with the player.

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