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[XCL] Wait Game With Progressbar [0.18b] 1.2.0

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About This File




New wait minigame for X-Change Life. Basically removes the Next button and shows a progress bar for the timer while still having the button for making the mc talk during the game.


This will not replace the current minigames in the main game! (unless you install the example replacement file in which case some will be replaced)



How to use for users:


Install with the mod loader as a regular mod.



How to use for modders:


Instead of the the regular logic lets look at a usage example. This is how bar drug uses this mod:

(set: $waitOptions to 
  (dm: "img", $img, 
  "sex loop", "sex loop", 
  "talk1", "bar drug taken talk 1", 
  "talk2", "bar drug taken talk 2", 
  "talk3", "bar drug taken talk 3", 
  "duration", (random:60,90), 
  "buttoneffect", 8, 
  "buttonname", "Beg", 
  "finish", "bar drug backroom sex wait finished", 
  "mascpenalty", true, 
  "buttontalk1", "bar drug taken beg 1", 
  "buttontalk2", "bar drug taken beg 2", 
  "buttontalk3", "bar drug taken beg 3",
  "changescreen", false)
(display:"wait progress begin")

If you are familiar with the wait or other minigames some of these are familiar but lets go through them in order.

"img" is the image background that will be shown in the waitgame.

"sex loop" is the sound that will be played.

"talk1" is the first of the sex partner(s) lines during the scene.

"duration" is the length of the minigame. Be aware that normal minigames in settings will reduce this to 60%. Only hard are at 100%.

"buttoneffect"  is the amount of time the talk button will reduce the timer.

"buttonname" is the text shown on the button.

"finish" is the passage that will be shown after the minigame is over.

"mascpenalty" is a boolean. If true there is the posibility that the MC will lose masculinity if the button is pressed.

"buttontalk1" is the first passage that will be shown when pressing the button.

"changescreen" is an option to choose between how the "finish" passage will be show. If true it will changescreen and if false it will be via display.


Both buttontalk and talk passages should simply display a (relatively) short text string. Example:

:: bar drug taken talk 1
	*(either:"Why is this even happening?","He's pounding you hard.","With no concern for your wellbeing, he slams into you.","The sound of him thrusting 	against you fills the room.","It's so rough.","Your body sways and jiggles each time he strikes deep.","You have to endure it for a while.","He is having 	his way with you.", "His cock fills you and violates you.", "His cock fills your unprepared body.", "It's a strange sensation being taken and used like this.")*


Edited by portinari

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


Updated the wait example file to also include certain demos. Added a meta file for it to make clear that it is dependent on latest version of wait game with progress bar.





Added choice to list of options to either display or change screen when calling next after wait game is over.


Added example replacement file. This file will, when added to the mod loader, replace the two main wait games in the mall and the facefuck transactional wait game (after failing a bj for instance).



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