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About This File

Sexist/Derogatory Guards & NPCs

Which Version Do I Need?


There are 2 files available. You only need to install 1 of them.


The best one to install is SexistGuards v2.63 or higher as this one now has a soft dependency for Devious Devices


SexistGuards vX.X.zip - This is the new version with the soft dependency for Devious Devices. Use this one!

SexistGuardsDD vX.X.zip - legacy version. Do not use. It will not be updated. :)



Mod Overview

Skyrim is no place for a female adventurer....women should be at home or servicing men at the local inn; so if you fancy making life a bit more humiliating for your female character then this mod might just be for you!

Whenever you encounter an NPC guard they may make some kind of sexist or derogatory remark to you..
Knock an object over and any nearby NPCs will tell you exactly what they think of you!
When fighting bandits, they'll make sure you know exactly what they're going to do with you if you lose!

Ideas for comments etc always welcome :)

I will be trying to keep the comments as realistic/lore friendly as possible (there won't be anything like I'd Bash Her Back Door In Oooosh!). If you think a comment does not fit in with Skyrim then do let me know.

Going forward I shall be trying to stick with the following rules of how aggressive people will be (and I must stop putting whore, slut or bitch at the end of every comment :) )...


Player/NPC Traits

In an effort to try and make this mod a little bit more immersive I have now started work on adding selectable traits. Initially these will only effect your characters personality, but eventually NPCs will also get personalities.


Currently you can select the following traits (more to follow)...

Orgasmic - They will see the sexy side of almost any situation and will enjoy sex no matter what!
Defiant - How likely your character is to put up a fight or answer back, maybe even to you!
Submissive - How likely your character will submit to someone else. If you have 4th wall breaking player comments active then they will be submissive to you and may refer to you as mistress/master.
Dominant - How likely your character is to be dominant. Becareful! If you have 4th wall breaking player comments active then they may be dominant to you too!
Timid - How timid or cautious your character is. They will often complain about being made to put their life in danger.
Story - Let your character's mind wander...


Each trait can be set to a strength of 0% - 100% which should allow you to "build" you own personality. They way it works is every line of dialogue has a trait assigned to it that must pass a random check. If you choose 100% then it will always pass the check, 0% will always fail the check. Some lines of dialogue need to pass more than one trait check, other might only need you to pass one type of trait check. There are also general dialogue to fill in any gaps.


If you pass the required trait check then your character will speak the line, if not then another line will be chosen.


This should allow complex personalities so even if your character is a rock hard warrior you could still add a chance that they might, just might, let slip that they are actually enjoying the Draugr pounding away at them! :)


The other thing is that these new comments will work for both Female AND Male characters...eventually. At the moment I am concentrating on the female side but I have already setup the system to handle male characters as well.


Comment Categories


Male NPCs
Will make derogatory remarks putting a woman firmly in her place. Will usually refrain from using swear or crude words, but they will still get their point across that women are 2nd class in Skyrim and simply objects of desire.


Female NPCs
They know their place and will give "helpful" comments to the female characters on how to be a good lady and avoid trouble.


Not much better than a bandit. They'll make just as rude or crude comment, just with a slight slur or burp.


Male Guards
The epitome of the sexist male. Will often use suggestive comments as well as speak their mind at will. They will show some restraint though and will never be as crude as bandits, after all they are the face of civilised law and order (whilst believing they are above it).


Female Guards
No where near as bad as the men, although they still look down on other women. Will give warnings and steer female characters in the right direction.


The gutter of society with a mouth to match. They'll let rip with whatever they want to say, and it won't be nice...ever!


Places: Inns
Not a place for a woman, unless she is a whore looking for work.


Places: Blacksmith
Women should be at home cooking, not trying to work out which end of the sword is the pointy bit!


Women should be careful who they choose to go adventuring with! Your followers will make comments depending on the environment and what you are wearing (or lack of) etc.


Devious Devices
If you have devious devices - integration installed then this mod will automatically pick up if you are wearing any items and give suitable dialogue!


Player Comments

The comments come in two different flavours - 4th Wall Breaking or Standard.

The 4th Wall, for those who might never have heard of it, is where an actor is aware of the audience. This often takes the form of the actor talking to the audience (See DeadPool movie :) ).

In this particular case the 4th Wall comments allow your character to know that you are controlling them and they will talk directly to you. Here's an example of the difference between to two comment types...


Standard Comment
"I'm freezing, I'd better find some clothes to put on"


4th Wall Breaking
"You do realise that I'm freezing here? Please let me put some clothes on."


Which one you want to use is up to you, or use both! :)



SexistGuards zip file - This contains all the basic comments that can be made by NPCs. It has no dependencies apart from Fuz  & SexLab (see below). There is an MCM menu that allows you to configure which dialogue sets are used.

Turning Dialogue On & Off
All dialogue sections can be individually switched on or off in the MCM.



SexLab and dependencies
Fuz Ro D'oh or you won't see the comments :)
Soft dependency support for Devious Devices and Zaz Animation Pack


Known Issues


If you have subtitles switched on then this could cause issues with comments getting stuck on the screen. They do clear eventually, often by another dialogue being displayed or a change of location/cell.


Using a free cam (e.g. during sex scenes) will stop dialogue from appearing. There is no fix for this.

Moving quickly may cause comments to disappear quickly. There is no fix for this at the moment. Slow down! :)

This mod shouldn't conflict with much else. It simply adds more dialogue to the available comment pool.
If you don't get any comments then just be patient. they will come round eventually but they are competing with all the other things NPCs can say.


Example Guard Phrases


"I wouldn't mind dragging you off to the dungeons for a bit..."
"Break the law and your body is mine..."
"Move along, woman..."
"Cause any problems and I'll deal with you...personally!"
"I'd feel a lot warmer if I was between those legs of yours..."


Example Bandit Phrases


"I'm gonna teach you a lesson, whore..."
"Do you really think a whore like you could defeat me?"
"You're going to be my little play thing once this is over..."
"Watcha gonna do, whore?"

What's New in Version 2.91


  • 2.91b
  • Added an MCM option to help control the frequency of comments from this mod.
  • 2.91
  • Quick fix to a number of issues raised by Asertyp (thanks :smile: )
  • 2.90
  • - Reduced knock over and other unhelpful comment events so they will take 24hrs to reset.
  • - Added checks for belt and plugs plus some related dialogue
  • 2.89
  • - Fixed some dialogue which was not set to random/reset time
  • 2.88
  • - Reinstated "Story" trait. Originally my idea was for the Narrator to take over these types of comments but it didn't seem to fit.
  • - Renamed "Orgasmic" trait to "Nympho"
  • - Added more Narrator comments
  • - Tidied up generic Narrator comments to prevent comment duplication
  • 2.86
  • 2.85
  • - fixed some bad conditions that were set on a few of the comment quest topics.
  • - added some more "Narrator" dialogue
  • 2.82
  • - Altered the default comments so you will no longer get "nothing much happening" etc. Character will now say something more meaningful
  • - Changed the "Story" trait to "Narrator" and moved all story dialogue into a new speaker called "The Narrator" who will, funnily enough, narrate on what is happening!
  • 2.81
  • - removed a lot of the debug messages
  • - Added the Dominant trait (not much dialogue yet)
  • 2.80
  • - Added some more stories to the story trait
  • - Added a global timer limit for comments so you can really fine tune how talkative your player is.
  • 2.79
  • - Fixed MCM option for "talk on cell change"
  • - Added some more stories to the story trait
  • 2.78
  • - Fixed incorrectly assigned creature rape comments
  • - Fixed movement of the xMarker so that it will update to the player's position on rape correctly.
  • 2.77
  • - Added option to turn on/off player comments when their location changes.
  • - Added option to turn on/off player comments when their cell changes
  • - Added option to turn on/off timer controlled comments
  • 2.76
  • - Grammatical fixes
  • 2.75
  • - Added some more dialogue for Defiant comments
  • - Reworked the "LoadScene" comments so they are in a separate scene. Please restart the player comments via the MCM for the new comments to be picked up.
  • 2.74
  • - re-written some of the "Orgasmic" traits to be less explicit (those will be for a different trait)
  • - fixed the 4th wall comments so that the quest now starts correctly and can be controlled via the MCM
  • 2.73
  • - Fixed incorrect conditions that should have been pointing to the "Player" not the "Subject" of dialogue. Player character should now have more to say about their nakedness etc :smile:
  • 2.72
  • - Added fixed code for soft Devious Devices dependency.
  • - Rewrote a few of the comments
  • - Fixed reported incorrect conditions for naked comments.
  • 2.71
  • - Combined Player Comments and 4th Wall breaking comments in to a single quest line. This should reduce the chance of comments fighting each other to be displayed.
  • - Reworked a lot of the Orgasmic comments.
  • - Fixed some other comments that were not working mainly during sex scenes.
  • 2.70
  • - Added ability to map button in the MCM to force your character to talk whenever you wish!
  • - Revamped the Orgasmic trait comments for use with the talk button
  • 2.67
  • - Quick hot fix for an incorrect soft dependency thing!
  • 2.66
  • - Removed some more left over Devious Devices code. Think that is all of it now :smile:
  • 2.65
  • - Removed a lot of old conditions that were Devious Devices dependant
  • - Added the "Force Subtitle" tag to all player dialogue in the hope of fixing the rapid text disappearing issue.
  • - Added some more dialogue in various sections.
  • 2.63
  • - Soft option for Devious Devices added, now only SexLab is required.
  • - Some dialogue and events removed temporarily
  • - Guard strip search removed temporarily
  • DD 2.62
  • - Altered the player Traits so there are now only 3 (Orgasmic, Submissive, Defiant) this makes it much easier to develop dialogue for. Other traits might added later.
  • - Traits now effect rape comments and some of the 4th wall breaking comments
  • -Added MCM option so you can select your gender which is required for some 4th wall comments.
  • DD 2.61
  • - Fixed both normal player and 4th wall comments. They should all play correctly now. The downside is if you are travelling quickly then you could move outside of the hearing radius.
  • - Altered the MCM so that you can move the comment timers in 15 second increments instead of 60.
  • - Added a few new lines of dialogue
  • - Removed arousal checks, they weren't properly used anyway.
  • DD 2.60a
  • - Quick fix for a missing script
  • - Quick fix to remove an SKI core script that got included by accident
  • DD 2.60
  • - Fixed some incorrect IDLE conditions
  • - Added a simple rape tracker (Draugr & Spider only at the moment) so that your character will make comments about her last attack (4th wall only) and NPCs will make comments as well.
  • DD 2.55
  • - Fixed the Shop Keeper comments so they only occur in shop locations by shop keepers and at a lower frequency.
  • - Added dialogue suggestions by Lostdreamer & Valgo
  • - Fixed some incorrect MCM values so turning off Shop Keeper comments now works as does Troll Lover slider value.
  • - Added condition to check to make sure speaker is not a member of zadDisableDialogFaction to improve compatibility.
  • DD 2.54
  • - Quick fix to stop all creatures getting Draugr comments.
  • DD 2.53
  • - Removed some comments for specific creatures which were incorrectly placed into the generic section.
  • DD 2.52
  • - Fixed a whole load of scripts there were not working correctly. Helpful & Unhelpful events should now work correctly.
  • DD 2.50
  • - Fixed a lot (and I do mean a lot) of incorrectly assigned conditions for IDLE comments. They should actually work now!
  • DD 2.47
  • - Removed some debug comments
  • - Fixed some other debug comments which should never be seen
  • - Switched character sex positions so player should now be the victim correctly
  • - Unlocked Troll Lover and Troll Rape Comments
  • DD 2.45
  • - Fixed the rape comments so the cycle correctly during the scene
  • - Fixed some incorrectly assigned comments
  • - Fixed some of the traits not being saved correctly
  • DD 2.41
  • - Fixed the missing Devious Devices comments which disappeared a few versions back
  • - Opened up the Spider Lover trait.
  • - Fixed a few Draugr rape comments.
  • - Added the first set of select able Traits to the MCM. These will alter the type of comments you will get during various events. At the moment the only area that I have setup to work with the traits is getting raped by draugr (non 4th wall).
  • DD 2.35
  • - Added an option in the MCM so you can choose the behaviour of the xMarker that is used to voice the player comments. You can set it to either follow the player (which should stop comments disappearing if you are moving, but it this can cause dialogue to get stuck on screen) or you can set it to not follow in which case dialogue may disappear if you are moving quickly. You'll need to experiment to see which method works best for you.
  • DD 2.34
  • - Fixed the player comments quest which had some none assigned script variables.
  • DD 2.33
  • - Some more fixes for incorrectly spoken dialogue
  • DD 2.32
  • - Hopefully fixed the sticky subtitles bug!
  • DD 2.31
  • - Added some more comments for various job factions
  • - Few minor fixes for comments not getting randomised
  • - Applied a check to ensure the player is not in a scene before any comments are triggered to stop any issues where a scene might get interrupted and never complete correctly.
  • - Hopefully fixed the issue with player comments disappearing too quickly
  • - Added MCM option to restart all active quests to quickly refresh any updated settings
  • DD 2.26
  • - Fixed some race specific comments as they were not detecting the race correctly
  • - Added comments for Hostlers
  • DD 2.25
  • - Added some race specific rape comments
  • - Added MCM option to turn off Skimpy Armour comments for those not using skimpy armour
  • DD 2.22
  • - Added some more character specific rape comments for Belethor
  • - Added specific rape comments for bandits
  • - Added specific rape comments for Guards (which should work well with Prison Overhaul)
  • DD 2.20
  • - Adds character specific rape comments. This is the start of the next phase of this mod which is to now add specific comments to named characters within Skyrim.
  • Specific rape comments added for...
  • - Farkas
  • - Aela
  • - Lydia
  • - Njada
  • - Cicero
  • - Belrand
  • DD 2.17
  • - restores the rape attacks in Inns so they are more believable. Walking around naked in an Inn is not a good idea. Neither is wearing yokes, armbinders, gags, collars etc.
  • At the moment only the player can get raped...I'll be revisiting this so that any NPC including followers can be effected.
  • DD 2.16
  • - Disabled the auto rape dialogue when in Inns as it was kind of immersion breaking. They will be replaced with a simple quest line instead shortly
  • - Upgraded the guard strip search quest. There are now multiple paths through the scenario and the guard will now also detect stolen goods/skooma and dish out extra jail time.
  • DD 2.15
  • - 2 New Areas for Comments Added
  • - 1 - Naked NPC wearing a Devious Device
  • - 2 - Non Naked NPC Wearing a Devious Device
  • Please see the Comment Categories below for full details.
  • DD 2.10
  • - Added extra comments by NeverAgainIsWhatYouSwore. Many of which are specific to individual characters in Skyrim.
  • - Fixed a whole load of 4th wall comments which were not showing up
  • - Guard strip quest now uses the SexLab strip system so should now be compatible with Devious Cursed Loot and any other mod that locks quest items on you.
  • DD 2.05
  • - Fixed the player rape comments
  • DD 2.01
  • - Swapped positions of sex scenes so hopefully the player is now the victim.
  • 2.0 / DD 2.0
  • - Hopefully this sorts standard player comments out once and for all :smile:
  • - Updated sex start code so that player should be the victim
  • 1.99
  • - Updated to same version as the DD version.
  • DD 1.99
  • - Fixed issue with standard player comments which wouldn't work unless the 4th wall comments were also active.
  • - Added Unhelpful NPC comments
  • 1.98
  • - Updated to the latest version with all bug fixes.
  • DD 1.98
  • - Added some more creature sex comments.
  • - Added new creature Orgasm comments.
  • DD 1.97b
  • - fixed some errors in the MCM menu relating to the timer sliders - they now work correctly!
  • - Tested standard player comments and they seem to be working now.
  • DD 1.97
  • - Added human and creature rape comments to various stages of the rape scenes.
  • - Player character will make a comment at the start of the scene based on the type of sex act (Oral, Anal, Vaginal)
  • - Player will make comments during the sex scene (generic for all sex types)
  • - Player and Rapist will make comments at the end of the scene based on sex act (Oral, Anal, Vaginal)
  • DD 1.96 BETA
  • - Fixed the MCM menu so that you can now turn of player sex comments
  • - Rebuilt the sex comment system so it now works correctly for SexLab 1.62
  • - Added some basic comments for pre-animation start and orgasm stage.
  • SE 1.9
  • - Fixed so Skyrim loads. The quests start up fine but without Fuz Ro D'oh the dialogue will not be displayed.
  • DD 1.95 BETA
  • - Stopped the player comment quests restarting themselves when changing the timeout values. They will only restart if they are already started.
  • - Added experimental player comments when they get raped.
  • DD 1.91
  • - Updated timeout updates so they happen straight away rather than waiting for 1 in game hour!
  • - Addd "is in GuardDialogueFaction" to try and stop other characters speaking Guard lines.
  • SE 1.90
  • - Edited and Saved through the new creation kit so should be Special Edition compatible.
  • 1.90
  • - Updated the non Devious Devices version to include all the extra dialogue.
  • DD 1.90
  • - Added Blacksmith idle comments
  • - Added idle comments for men when inside an Inn
  • - Reduced idle comment frequency
  • DD 1.87
  • - fixed guard idle comments so they now have a cool down so they shouldn't fire so often
  • - fixed setting the player comment timeouts so they correctly update instantly rather than only updating on the next comment.
  • - Added more guard idle comments.
  • DD 1.85
  • - Added MCM controls for setting player comments fequency
  • - Introduced new enter location comments (4th Wall Only at the moment)
  • DD 1.80
  • - Changed the version number so that it was obvious which file is the latest :smile:
  • - Added more comments from C0de M0nkey
  • - Added more comments for 4th Wall breaking player comments these also include general comments which can be spoken anywhere so your character should be more chatty no matter where they are.
  • - Added some devious device 4th Wall comments with appropriate events.
  • - Changed the Guard strip search time limits so it should have more chance of triggering during the night
  • DD 0.76
  • - Fixed an issue where some of the 4th Wall comments were not working.
  • - Increased comment speed for testing.
  • DD 0.75
  • - separated out standard and 4th wall breaking comments so they can be switched on/off independantly
  • - Fixed an issue where the comment scene for either type would only run once (damn pesky tick boxes!)
  • - Add arousal based comments to both comment types
  • - Added dungeon, crypt, inn and city comments for both comment types.
  • -Added awesome comments by C0de M0nkey - thanks!
  • - Added correct gender checks for NPC and Shopkeeper comments.
  • DD V0.7
  • - Experimental player comments. Yes! your player character can now talk and make comments about their situation!
  • DD V0.6
  • - Added the ability for guards to perform a strip search on the player. Will only trigger at night.
  • - Added ability to turn off guard dialogue
  • DD V0.51
  • - Forgot to make the new event comments random..duh!
  • DD V0.5
  • - Added Unhelpful follower comments :smile: These mainly trigger when inside a dungeon and your follower thinks they can get away with it!
  • DD V0.4
  • - Combined the vanilla comments with the DD comments into a single .esp file.
  • - Added the 1st set of events which are helpful follower comments.
  • V1.0
  • - Hopefully fixed the last few issues with dialogue triggering in the wrong place.
  • - Can't think of any more dialogue to add right at the moment so the vanilla version is now deemed feature complete.
  • V0.80
  • - Housecarls should no longer make comments about money.
  • -Housecarls now have specific dialogue for when you are at home.
  • DD V0.35
  • - Removed OR conditions and also fixed some other incorrect conditions. Should reduce chance of incorrect person speaking some dialogue.
  • V0.79
  • - Removed all OR conditions as I think they were messing up some conditions and they're not needed anyway.
  • Should reduce chance of incorrect person speaking some dialogue.
  • V.078
  • - Added some more bandit idle comments and added a check to slow down the rate they are spoken
  • - Removed some general IDLE comments and moved them to HELLO which should stop people constantly saying them.
  • DD V0.3
  • - tightened up follower conditions which should remove and animals!
  • V0.77
  • - tightened up follower conditions which should remove and animals!
  • - added condition for IsPlayerTeammate which should solve any conflicts with Amazing Follower Tweaks and similar mods.
  • - added some more bump comments
  • V0.76
  • - Quick tidy up. MCM option info text fixed so it change correctly for each option.
  • - Dialogue tidied up so NPCs won't get the wrong dialogue.
  • V0.75
  • - Hopefully fixes silent guards. Please see full 0.75 details as solution is not ideal.
  • DD V0.2
  • - Added cool down to follower comments so they should only speak every 1 hr game time.
  • - Added blindfold and boot comments.
  • V0.72
  • - Added more follower comments
  • - Fixed follower comments which were only supposed to happen in interiors.
  • V0.7
  • - Fixed follower comments and slowed the rate of their comments down. They should now say something every 1hr of game time or there abouts.
  • - removed all checks and other settings in the hope of fixing the issue of silent guards some people encounter.
  • V0.6A
  • Removed check to see if player was playable race. May of been causing issues with vampires.
  • v0.6
  • - Added Idle comments for bandits, NPCs and Guards
  • DDv0.1a
  • - includes the SEQ file which i forgot to generate :smile:
  • DDv0.1
  • - This is an optional addon that includes comments specific to Devious Devices that the player is wearing. You will need to have Devious Devices - Integration and all other dependencies to use it.
  • 0.5c
  • - for some reason the last update didn't remove the DLC requirements. Now fixed :smile:
  • 0.5b
  • -Added some more dialogue for companions
  • -Added dialogue for when player has joined companions faction
  • - Fixed some spelling mistakes
  • - removed DLC requirements.
  • 0.5
  • - Added MCM Menu so you can turn sets of dialogue on and off.
  • - Added some extra conditions to try and solve why some guards do not speak any lines.
  • 0.44
  • - Added follower specific dialogue
  • 0.43
  • - Fixed female dialogue being spoken by male NPCs
  • 0.42
  • - Followers will no longer say any nasty things to the player character :smile:
  • 0.41
  • - Added some race specific comments for various situations.
  • 0.4
  • - Added dialogue from Valgo
  • - Added dialogue from GinaNicole
  • - Added Inn specific dialogue
  • - Added blacksmith specific dialogue
  • - Added general NPC dialogue
  • 0.35
  • - Add more comments :smile:
  • - Added Belethor specific comments
  • - Added Farengar specific comments
  • 0.3
  • - Split different dialogues in to their own quests so the can be activated or deactivated (see turning dialogue on/off)
  • - Added Drunkard Specifc comments
  • - Added Beggar Specific comments
  • - Added Dialogue by panthercom
  • - Added Dialogue by Karma199696
  • 0.2b
  • - Added some animations to the comments
  • - Added checks to ensure both subject and target are playable races (removes issues with bandit wolves/dogs commenting)
  • 0.2
  • - Added checks to remove comments from children
  • - Added checks to ensure target of comments is female
  • - Added Naked Specific comments
  • - Added a few Khajiit Specific comments
  • - Added actor/actor collision comments
  • 0.1 Initial Release
  • - Guards will make sexist/derogatory comments about the player character
  • - Added leather armour specific comments
  • - Added night time specific comments
  • - Bandits will make strong threats to the player during combat
  • - NPCs will react to knocked over objects with comments.

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