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CBBE High-Heel PE Dress with Breast and Skirt Physics 0.2.0

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About This File

This is ported from a FO3 mod made by backsteppo, but the last login date of him is 2012/3.... so it's not possible to get explicit permission from him, but however I saw he had mentioned something like "free to use his mod for anything" in all his Skyrim mods, so I do assume this work can be treated that.


This is WIP and is made for FO4 future ecosystem, so.......


1) this outfit WON'T work perfectly without FO4 real high-heel system (but where?). hope you are not perfectionist. So far you may need to use "tcl" for taking perfect screenshots....


2) due to high-heel body shape, this mod does not support the bodyslide. (Oh.. one can simply made a BS morph slide to support it, but I won't do that at current stage, since this is a WIP)


3) breast-physics data just use the block, bonedata from CBBE physics without any modification. (only a minute required to add this feature)


4) skirt physics is from the vanilla bathrobe, and this outfit is made in a figure-hugging one, so clipping is inevitable, at least requiring massive works to solve it.


1) in console, type "help zwg 4" to get the <code>
2) in console, type "player.additem <code> " to get it.


[Roadmap toward V1.0.0]
1) clipping free
2) with real high-heel system
3) dismember support
4) support CBBE BS

What's New in Version 0.2.0


  • 0.2.0 @ 2016/1/25: temp workaround for breast issues. current approach is more likely Epitaph78's one

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