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About This File

Anemos Set ported from FF14 for BHUNP v3 body. Added standalone 3BA version of the mod, There might be issues since i can't test it ingame.


New texture look is seen in the pics with the blonde girl.

The Set consists in:

  • Necklace
  • Top
  • Top (Skimpy)
  • Top (Skimpy) (slot 46)
  • Pants
  • Pants (Skimpy)
  • Pants (Skimpy) (slot 56)
  • Gloves
  • Boots (now with feet mesh)


Top and Pants have zap sliders for necklace, sleeves and shorter shirt/inner trousers as seen in the screenshots, the two screens with the blond girl have the most recent textures (and reshade).

This was my first port i've done chronologically so textures might be not the same as the original ones, its glossiness may be a hit or miss in your enb/lighting rig.


Build the set in Bodyslide ( [Rand] Anemos ... ) and use AddItemMenu to get the Set ingame

If problems arise let me know.


Credits: Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix and HoshinoSkyrim for the invaluable help ❤️

1.3 Changelog


For both BHUNPv3 and 3BA, download again the file of your choice and replace.

  •  Updated textures with new specular strength (lower glossiness strength overall) Let me know how it is.
  •  New texture look is seen in the pics with the blonde girl.
  •  Updated meshes for more Zaps.
  •  More zaps, options for sleeves.
  •  Added alternate versions of Skimpy Top and Pants occupying slot 46 (Top) and slot 56 (Pants) for more freedom with external outfit pieces ^^


Edited by Randall Steele

What's New in Version 1.3.1


  • stealth fix: removed unused texture folder in the BHUNP version

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