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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Lewd Battle Jacket F 1.0.0

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About This File

As commissioned by @Hakufu1021, here is our take on a female player nude mod. It replaces the default outfit, Battle Jacket F, and comes in three variants:

  • Topless (Boots, Gloves, & Shorts)
  • Bottomless (Boots, Gloves, & Jacket)
  • Nude (Boots & Gloves)

Installation Instructions:

  1. Rename all base game PAKs, removing _P from the end of each.
  2. From the mod archive, extract the shared PAK and your choice of variant directly into the Paks folder. Use of a ~mods folder is not recommended.
  3. Copy and paste SAOFB-WindowsNoEditor_0.sig twice, renaming them to match the mod's PAKs.
  4. Launch the game using the -NoEAC launch parameter to disable the game's anticheat.


No additional support will be provided. Mod tested exclusively on a legitimate copy of Fatal Bullet v1.9.0.

Edited by Irastris

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