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- Versions -

You should download the version which matches your game's version

1.0.2 Release - Same as below, but I am adding all lords without a clan to the Neutral clan now, and I don't know if that will have some weird side effects after 20 years of game or something

1.0.1 Release - Stable BUT, will start crashing after 19 years due to known bug...

1.0.0 Release - Haven't tested much but not much changed since 1.9.0. To get this, go to steam properties and select Betas -> None, and you will download the "official" game release.

1.9.0 - Seems stable

1.8.1 (Breaks old saves) - Regular crash so I had to delete it. (Can't really fix it anymore after migrating to 1.9.0)

1.8.0 (Breaks old saves) - Seems stable (Known bug: a few encyclopedia events may be spammed too often)

1.8.0 - Seems stable

1.7.2 - Seems stable

1.7.1 - Seems stable


- Requirements (NEW) -

Harmony https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2006


- Features -
I'm not a fan of spoilers / marketing / huge lists of features and I have more enjoyment when I go and discover things on my own, and I extend that notion to others as well, which is why I didn't bother to write a list of features. But if you really want to spoil yourself...



  • This is an 18+ mod full of graphic descriptions and utter filth.
  • Completely random features: The mod automatically enables achievements even with mods (not if cheat mode was activated though) because the game is basically unplayable without mods.
  • Experimental: There are a lot of experimental and perhaps unfinished features. No one, including me, really knows what's going to work, so I like to try a lot of different things.
  • Laws: These theme of this mod is rather brutal (especially if you're a woman) medieval laws. There are policies you or AI leaders/vassal can pass that have various effects.
  • Actual laws examples: The traditional rights of feudal lords (Primae Noctis, claiming after marriage, claiming upon turning age 18, etc), the rights of the conqueror (Arena-related and victor-related adult content), "Maternus" (willing female and breastfeeding / reverance for motherhood-related laws and traditions), "Hearth Lords" (incest-related laws and traditions). Some kingdoms start the game with these laws. These are intended to make each feel different.
  • Full AI participation / Simulation: The AI engages in as many of the same mechanics as the player as possible.
  • Interface with many game mechanics: In order to feel more real and meaningful, actions have many consequences in the game simulation, such as becoming disorganized, receiving discounts, changing morale, change of relationships, pregnancies, hp boosts, healing, stat buffs / maluses, etc.
  • Global acceptance rate / tolerance drift: Laws will be accepted faster or slower based on how many related actions happen, or how far the world in general has accepted that particular law.
  • Traditions: Like laws, but are a bit easier to pass / social engineer. These are intended to make each kingdom feel different with pre-enacted stuff like Concubines in Aserai or breastfeeding focus in the Southern Empire.
  • Lawspeakers: Medieval social engineering house you can visit in towns. Bring lots of money (and time) and enact all sorts of weird stuff. (Under construction)
  • Shrine: Experimental building where you can take oaths that restrict your character but buff you in certain ways. (VERY under construction)
  • Memories system: Characters will remember things the player does and it will shape your relationship with them. This is intended as a replacement for the Relation system which I find lacking. (VERY under construction)
  • Alternate quest details: Add adult details to some quests. So far, only Rival Gang has one.
  • "Mini adult text adventures": When capturing a female lord, when flirting with any random woman, when spending extra time with a special someone, when receiving breastmilk (if "Dantium" is passed), when someone is servicing your troops,  when raiding a village (being remade!).
  • Injuries: Heroes can gain relevant injuries during their shenaniganry. These temporarily lower max HP.
  • Spontaneous / situational adult events: Exactly what it says, and a bit too many to list.
  • AI decision making and reasons: AI will use a lot of formulas based on their memory / stats / current situation / mood to make decisions. Lots of support for displaying these reasons to the player.
  • Gossip: Unlock various info about other people in the world by staying up to date on gossip. Be sure to check the encyclopedia pages (Keybind: N).
  • Records: Detailed record keeping of events that have befallen every hero in the game. Available in the encyclopedia.
  • Support for Hot Butter scenes: Animated scenes will play after some relevant events. 
  • Flirting minigame: A slightly less brutish way into a woman's heart.
  • "War wives": (Primae Noctis law) Faction leaders will sometimes negotiate a lower tribute price by lending a randomly chosen noble lady of their faction for awhile.
  • Configuration: Pretty simple text configuration can be accessed in any town. No MCM required. (Under construction)
  • And so on: There is too much to list. It's best to just play the game if you're interested and stop trying to spoil your own fun.




- Latest Changes -


- Added console command PN. fix_bad_heroes_scan which will fix crashes in current savegames related to the Unknown father with no clan issue

- Fixed some crashes from Unknown fathers

- Fixed releasing prisoner issues

- Fixed babies being able to become caravan leaders

- Disabled doing continuous actions with a caravan leader because it's not going to be pretty trying to get them to stand still

- Fixed weird error sometimes when a war wife offer was coming

- Fixed female rulers taking concubines

- Fixed various crashes related to CreateAndRegisterRecord

- Fixed not being able to talk to anyone.

- Fixed rival gang quest wrong gender dialog appearing.


- FAQ -


Q. What do I do and how do I find the stuff?

A. Play and explore the game 😀


 Q. I don't see prisoner dialog to claim my captive.

A. If using CE and you want that option, you must disable the CE prisoner stuff in one of the menus.


Q. I can't talk to my companion!

A. Probably the base game issue where you cannot talk to companions in any kind of town or village.


Q. Can I change options?

A. There are a few in the Config/config.txt file.


Q. What's with the annoying (slow) flirting options and flirting system in general?

A. Well, it's meant to be an obstacle to overcome, and (slow) actions have a higher success rate so they should be more annoying to do.


Q. Why can't I do anything with my lover after the first night?

A. I don't think there is anything to do with a lover after that, not over a computer anyway, but you can feel free to offer ideas in the discussion thread.


Q. Why are some cooldowns so long?

A. One thing I think I've learned is that in order to make something feel meaningful, you can't do it too much, or you become desensitized to it.


Q. Why in god's name are there strange mechanics like Luck in an adult mod?

A. To give some meaning or reason or consequence to making good/bad decisions, something I find lacking in the base game. But this system is very unfinished for now.


Q. Why is it hard to implement traditions when you could just enable all of it by default?

A. So that each kingdom feels different, and to create a progression through the game which somewhat matches the base game. For instance if you go to the Southern Empire, there will likely be a lot of milk giving going on. In Sturgia, they take the arena very seriously. Aserai start the game with concubinage enabled by default, and so on. Each kingdom will feel different until you get enough power to engineer the systems you want. Also more is not necessarily better.


Q. Why do they enjoy it / why don't they get traumatized?

A. It's the only way I can see the game making sense. They are back on the battlefield in a week and there isn't any room for any other type of roleplaying in the game, so the reactions necessarily can't exceed mild annoyance or mild enjoyment. Just like the endless wars that don't really make any sense, the only explanation is that it's normal in this world or part of some kind of religion or tradition.




1) I recommend you try to avoid saving during menus (the thing that opens up from the left side). This is a game feature that has never really worked that well from the start (even the base game has some bugs with saving on this menu), and it seems to get worse or better randomly with each patch they release. Try to save on the map with no menu open if possible, or you may find your save can't be loaded for some mystery reason.


- Description -

This is a Bannerlord mod, mostly text based, focused around playing as a male character in long campaigns. There is almost no content for playing as a female so I recommend using CE for that. I'm aiming for balance, immersion, and a very long and slow buildup playing as a male character. 


Since the focus is on a long serious campaign of Bannerlord, I don't recommend combining with mods that are too powerful. For instance, it's pretty overpowered being able to steal tier 6 armor from your victims as they are worth 100k+, so you can't really have a balanced campaign with that around. Likewise, starting out with powerful slavery options makes all other mechanics kind of pointless. After all, you can just enslave anyone; there's no point to wives, lovers, or anything, and since you can take apart enemy kingdoms with slavery, war becomes pretty trivial as well. So decide beforehand whether you're up for a long campaign or rather you want a "quick fix" and choose the correct mods for maximum immersion and enjoyment.


- Config -

For now, you can configure some settings in a text file: The config file will be generated when you run the mod the first time and you can change the settings in \Modules\PrimaeNoctisBLord\Config\config.txt

You can also go to any town and change them in the "Settings house"


- Requirements -

Mouse Wheel: You may get stuck in some menus if you can't scroll down.


- Compatibility -

Modules overwritten by Primae Noctis: CharacterStatsModel, PartySpeedModel, DiplomacyModel, AgentApplyDamageModel, MarriageModel

HotButter Support: Some limited support for hotbutter scenes (after successful events / flirting / war wife rental).


- Thanks -

Pookie for writing most of the text/events

BadListener & CE team for showing how the hell to hack the game

Ambrothos for some images

Foonix for pointing out some code that needed updating

Edited by Nibbler2345

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