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skaal reimagined custom backport/ (no African wild dogs in glacial environments cause they would die off even with heavy fur clothes) 1.0.0

About This File

just a backport I made of valehyena's skaal reimagined and I changed its textures to the lykaios textures (final version s my only goal was to change the skaal back from african wild dogs which make no sense given the skaal's environment should of made orcs into them instead personally given location/ environment not to mention the orcs were altered from elves in the lore so why not make them canid which is the opposite of felinid or cat like, hell make the orcs gryphons for all i care that would make them cooler and would integrate the avian aspect that is only seen with the hagravens more commonly.)

Edited by avior
to add reasoning for this files existance

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