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About This File

This is an alteration to this mod here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20171-dark-souls-weapons/


If you want this mod to work you HAVE to download that mod first, because it has all the meshes and textures in it. Without the original mod, the weapons are not likely to appear since they are not defined by the archives.




So I did the following with this .esp:


1.) Added gold values to each of the weapons = (Damage/2)*100

2.) Placed the weapons into various leveled lists with the level requirement = (Value/100) Rounded to the nearest whole number.

3.) Uploaded the file to the site in a zipped archive.


Even with COC testing, I couldn't seem to get the items to drop. But once I checked on the black knight dude near the meadery I felt confident that the changes I made were in effect since all the items now have a cash value.


Please tell me if the weapons are not appearing or if there is something wrong. Thank you and enjoy.

What's New in Version 0.01


  • 12/31/14: Uploaded File

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