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Atalantea: A Tentacle Themed Hyperpregnancy Mod b5.0.0

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Have been pretty burned out bugfixing my Nephila Rimworld mod, so figured I'd try my hands at making something in CK3. Introducing Atalantea: A Tentacle Themed Hyperpregnancy Mod. Erm... Beta.  What I have right now is rather basic. It's mostly just a framework without much development, especially in the event and flavor text. I hope folks enjoy what's there, though, and please give me feedback about things you'd like to see expanded/worked on.



  • A series of three traits (+1 ultimate trait) for hyperpregnancy. Each trait makes characters progressively more pregnant looking than the last. The highest level trait conveys immortality and eternal youth, but at the cost of a significant constant health malus (try not to get sick). 
  • A new hyperpregnancy themed religion, including a custom tenet that enables a unique extra pilgrimage. Women practicing antideluvianism can travel into the deep places beneath the religion's ruined grotto-temples. Whilst there, they have some (currently very basic) sexy times with the be-tentacled Drowned Gods they worship. If they're lucky, the  potent ambrosia that the tentacles secrete will quicken in their wombs, granting them growing power to match their growing wombs.
  • A series of decisions and events centering around discovering the ancient Atalantean culture and religion, resurrecting them, and rebuilding the empire:
    • An event to convert to the religion if you own a holy site province and meet certain requirements. If you don't meet the requirements, the event acts similar to the old "Delve Into the Classics" event, giving you various temporary buffs as you try to discover the secrets that the ruins of Atalantea are hiding.
    • An event to raise the ancient Atalantean ruins from the marshes and oceans they have been swept into. Allows you to convert to the long dead Atalantean culture (with two cecaelia themed men-at-arms units), form a new Atalantean Empire, and break free from any previous liege you might have had (while giving them a claim on your new title and making them rather less than happy).
    • An event to become the living god-empress of the world, gaining a Saoshyant equivalent trait/bloodline trait and giving Antideluvianism the "Rightful Rulers of the World" tent, decreasing the cost of holy wars by 50% and giving you an excuse to engage in some more of that sweet, sweet, globe-trotting conquest.
  • Unique upgradable buildings. Return the Atalantean capital of Charybdos, in the Aegean Islands, back to its former glory.


Getting Started

You can get started with this mod pretty much anywhere on the map if you're willing to make a custom character or convert to the Antideluvian religion the hard way. Many of the events can only be triggered in the general area of Byzantium, Russia, and the Caspian Steppe, though. My personal recommendations would be to start in either Kiev, Crimea, or Naxos. Starting with one of the factions in the caucuses might also be pretty fun. Most of the events explain what you need to achieve in order to trigger them, but the initial religion converting event can be a bit tricky: make sure you have a female ruler who directly owns an Antideluvian holy site. You'll want her to also have a psychological trait like possessed/mystic/etc., the deviant trait, and at least 15 diplomacy. 



This mod changes the "00_core_tenets" file in the common>religion>doctrines folder. This will likely make the mod less than compatible with other mods that change the same file (basically all religion mods). If you'd like me to make a patch for any religion mods, let me know and I'll try to get to it eventually. Until then, my recommendation is to either avoid using those mods or manually patch your religion mods by copying the code for the "holywomb" tenet into whichever religion mod you are using. (It's not that much code and right at the top of my version of the 00_core_tenets file.)


It also changes the "window_council_gui" file in the gui folder. Mods that change the council window will also cause some issues with this mod. I don't intend to patch this file due to how complex gui modding is, but the incompatibility is a soft incompatibility rather than a hard one. If you are using a mod that also overwrites this file, I recommend that you ensure it loads after the Atalantea mod. This will disable a minor late game feature for the Atalantea mod (interactive council positions for hyperpregnant priestesses) but should otherwise not cause issues.

As far as I'm aware, there shouldn't be any other major incompatibilities. Let me know if you encounter anything and I'll try to look into it.


Known Issues

  • There's likely still some unwritten localization issues, still. Let me know if you find places where it's clear localization text is missing.
  • For some reason, the Holy Wombs tenet doesn't show up in reform religion choices unless you manually change the doctrine file and then change it back. None of the text actually has to be different, you just have to fiddle with the file while the game is open. I have no idea why this is.
  • Males can become heads-of-faith in Antideluvianism.
  • The highest level hyperpregnancy belly is rather jagged. As I don't have 3D modeling skills, I'm afraid it's going to have to stay that way for now.
  • Balance. There are almost definitely balance issues.


  • Bugfix any gamebreaking issues that crop up.
  • Play the game for a while and enjoy the mod >.>
  • Bugfix less serious issues.
  • Institute more archess council positions.
  • Create new randomly appearing events to help develop the narrative, expand on Atalantea's history and culture, and create new opportunities for fun with tentacles.



  • As with my Nephila mod in Rimworld, this mod occasionally uses art I found online without explicit permission. Should any artists responsible for that art ever ask me to replace it, I will happily do so.
  • Cheri Song's Carnalitas Mundi mod provided me with most of my original base code for the religion in this mod. It also helped me to figure out certain issues involving file structure that I encountered.
  • The bodypart scaling technique I used for the hyperpregnancy was originally figured out over on Eka's Portal as they worked through how to do things with their vore mod.
  • On steam, Cappucino James's port of the "Delve Into Classics" event was used to figure out my own Atalantea specific equivalent.
  • On steam, Rhazak's North Sea Empire - Decision and Title mod was used to figure out why my attempt to copy the Unify India event was failing miserably. 

What's New in Version b5.0.0


New quick update. Changes: 

  • Lots of little fixes, mostly involving behind-the-scenes errors. Decisions should work more smoothly now.
  • Tweaked the requirements for certain decisions to make them easier to do. Some decisions proved difficult to achieve even in a very long game, so I made some of the dynasty based requirements easier.
  • Tweaked the "Awaken the Ordo Leviathani" decision. 
    • Giant Cecaelias are now a cultural unit for the "Ancient Atalantean" culture, which is a culture you can only play if you start as it (the decision-accessible culture is "Atalantean"--aka, a rebirth of the culture). If you start as Ancient Atalantean, you gain access to Giant Cecaelia research at the same time you gain access to Siren Broodmothers (late medieval period).
    • Instead of unlocking the Giant Cecaelias MAA, the "Awaken" decision spawns an inheritable army of Cecaelias, including a sizable contingent of Giant Cecaelias (you end up with about 20k high quality troops in total). Only one member of a house can gain access to this army, however: once the decision is taken, it cannot be taken again. Finagle inherriting the army if another member of your dynasty unlocks it first.
  • Instituted a rule you can click at the start of the game to turn off the belly scaling for models. Descriptions and event text don't change, but now you can choose to leave models alone if you'd prefer to use your imagination/ignore the most blatant hyperpreg stuff/avoid the jankier look of the larger bellied models.

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