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[Sims 4] QuinSims Fetish Animations (December Update) 1.3.5

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About This File


                              You can check all my animations previews (Gifs) clicking here.

                             You can check my Posture Sentinel long-term project clicking here, Work in Progress.


                                                                                                             HI AND WELCOME.




Hi, i'm Quin. I'm an animator and a custom content creator. I'm working with NSFW content for The Sims 4.

My animations are more focused in fetish context. You can expect bondage situations, domination and submission situations and discipline and punishment situations. You also will found animations that explore some small fetishes and fantasies (like feet fetish, threesome, sex in the the coffin, etc...)

The animations requires 
Wicked Whims mod by Turbodriver

Thanks to all creators who are always helping each other in this process. In special, to Bobahloo and R-Lo.


- Patreon Early Access Animations List (18):


All animations not listed here is already available for public access. You can check a list of all my animations (public and patreon ones) with previews and splited between categories and sets for easy visualization clicking here.

       Currently under Early Access on my Patreon

 If you want to check gifs previews for listed animations, check the most recent posts in the file thread.
Gifs previews for all my animations can be found here: https://www.quinsims.com/previews

- Props and Requirements.


Wicked Whims is a requirement of course. Beside that, i have many animations created for Kritical Naughty Collection. Some objects are required if you want to play with those specific animations. The objects names are listed here together with the set of animations created for it.

I also use some props so i can create bondage and domination animations with restrains. Props are objects used during animations, they are required for the animation plays correctly. Props list:

- Kodenu Paddle and Yoke Bar.

- Also, i use Ozzzy Gag and Yoke Bar.

- Julie J Collar and Leash is required for a specific animations.
- And, of course, the Cherry Pie Cum Mesh is required for many animations.

- About BDSM and me


Folks, as i'm part of the BDSM community for fifteen years, i want to clarified to others BDSM praticants that my animations follow the SSC (Safe, sane and consensual) code behavior. The exceptions are the paddling and whipping animations, those one we can consider as RACK (Risk-aware consensual kink).
If you are not a part of the BDSM community, what you need to know is that all my animations are happening inside a consensual context.

If you want to support me and have early access to my animations and projects, you can check my Patreon page.



Edited by QuinSims

What's New in Version 1.3.5   See changelog


Files Updated here:



BDSM -  Moderate Caning - Rubber (Sentinel) 2P
BDSM - Modern Stock Anal Penentration Clímax (Kritical Modern Stock)  2P
BDSM - Freya Vaginal Self Training Two (Kritical Bondage Chair) 1P
BDSM - Anal Penetration and Cock Gagging (Kritical Hanging Chains) 3P

BDSM - Dominant Hand Licking (Living Chair)  2P

Updated: Freya Vaginal Self Training One and Two, Freya Education one and Two (changed some movements, sounds and the gag, make sure you have Kritical Discreet Frame). Face slapping One and Two (movements).

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