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About This File

Project Amatorius Rex

version 0.1.1


This mod currently serves mostly as an example for other people how to integrate with Carnalitas. See below for the source code. Don't be too harsh on my writing in this mod. It's mainly meant as a technical demonstration.



Carnalitas - Unified Sex Mod Framework for CK3


Load Order

  1. Total conversion mods
  2. All other mods not related to Carnalitas
  3. Carnalitas
  4. Project Amatorius Rex



  • New character interaction to engage in masturbation
    • Can be used on a target character, or on self to select from all characters known to the player character
    • Adds secrets/traits depending on who is selected as a target character (this uses the default secrets, so the wording is a bit off since there's no actual sexual relationship)
  • New prison interaction to defile prisoner
    • Basic implementation, mostly just a hook/example how to reach sex scenes for Carnalitas flagged with carn_sex_scene_is_noncon, combined with a custom trigger (namely target being a prisoner)
  • Event for a consensual sex scene (accessible through Carnalitas' built-in Lay with lover option) that heavily relies on randomized parts


Source Code

GitGud repository


This mod is created and distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. You are free to use (parts of) this mod in your own work, as long as you provide appropriate credit and don't distribute it commercially.



  • Ernie Collins - Me

Based on, but not including, work by

  • Cheri, Triskelia and all the other contributors of Carnalitas

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