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About This File

LAPF "Enhanced" 1st-person skeleton is for use with:

- 3rd person animations in 1st person view
- Deadly Reflex 6 (and earlier)
- Unnecessary Violence III (and earlier).

Unless you are using one of those mods, it won't work. LAPF now includes an updated 1st-person skeleton for those who don't need this enhanced version (also available here as a separate download).

Although designed to add support for LAPF animations, LAPF isn't required. This should work for all users of the above mods.

This skeleton adds buttock bones and OP breast movement bones needed for certain clothes and armors, adds LAPF bones needed for LAPF animations, and works well with Enhanced Camera.

NOTE 1. - For anyone using the LAPF Enhanced 1st-Person Skeleton and having trouble with camera placement (incorrect zoom, the direction your character is facing, the height of your character when you talk to people, etc.) idle_recovery.kf should help.

It should go into your Data\Meshes\Characters\_1stPerson folder.

The mods the Enhanced 1st-Person Skeleton is meant for should all have a similar file (usually just named idle.kf) which is too easily overwritten. Idle_recovery.kf does the same thing and is less likely to be overwritten.

NOTE 2. - If the LAPF Enhanced 1st-Person Skeleton is working well, please don't add idle_recovery.kf "just in case." I have no idea what would happen with two files providing the same function but it probably wouldn't be pretty.

What's New in Version 1.3


  • 4/10/16: Full compatibility with Growlf and Coronerras skeletons.
  • 3/28/16: Fixed dialog camera when player is sitting.
  • 12/4/15: Added missing shoe bones
  • 10/18/14: Added troubleshooting file Idle_Recovery.kf

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