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About This File

What is this?

This is a mod heavily inspired by Crime and Punishment... What that mod did was adds to the prison system in Skyrim by having your character marched bound and gagged to the prison. This mod takes it a bit further than that. You are now locked in the cell, dragged to the pillories and punished there. Mix in some random whipping and punishment for your misdeeds both in the cell and in the pillories.


Depending on the crime, prisoners are treated differently. Crime is graded on three levels, petty, minor and major. Prisoners are kept in the stocks during the day, and move to the cell during the night. For crimes deserving worse punishment, you are typically stripped of clothing, punished in the pillories and similar.


Regardless of your crimes, you are released at 8am the morning after, slightly depending on when you were caught. Expect to spend at least 24h in captivity. Just before your release the guards may decide to punish you again depending on how severe your crime was.


Important tweaks and options

  • If you have not installed Fuz, make sure that "Enable dialogue" is unchecked. It is checked by default, so you need to do this.
  • The mod alters the TimeScale global variable. If this worries/bothers you, then uncheck that option in MCM before getting arrested.
  • If walking all the way to the prison, back to the pillory and so on bores you. Try checking "Fast forward" while walking there.

If you want to make the whip marks last longer, you can tweak this in skyrim.ini. Under the section [display] add the following:



Required: SexLab

Required: ZazAnimationPack (latest version).

Required: SkyUI

Optional: Fuz Ro D-oh

(If you run without Fuz, you need to turn off "Enable dialogue")

Optional: Death Alternative



Unzip the archive into your Skyrim data folder (if you're feeling lucky), or use a mod manager (preferred).



Remove all files contained in the archive.



Remove all previously installed files from the archive (uninstall). Overwrite with new files from the latest archive. This is the most reliable way of upgrading.

  1. Save your game.
  2. Quit Skyrim.
  3. Uninstall XPO. Remove all files that were part of your previous XPO setup.
  4. Start Skyrim, save again, quit Skyrim.
  5. Install XPO.
  6. Start Skyrim.
  7. Load the save you made earlier.
  8. Enjoy the upgraded mod (optional).



  1. Read the bugs secrtion. Make sure you're not covered by anything known.
  2. Restart the mod. Click "Force restart" in MCM.
  3. Make sure all dependencies are satisfied. Note that the MCM option "Enable dialogue" requires Fuz, which is otherwise optional.
  4. Try placing the mod last in your load order.
  5. If upgrading, check that no files from previous installs remain. Especially in the script folder, check for filenames starting with "xazp" or "xpo". Do this also for scripts\source.
  6. Create a "clean" save according to the upgrade instructions.
  7. Start a new game, teleport directly to Whiterun, for instance, and get arrested there (punch a guard is the easiest).

If the last two options work for you, then please write about it in the official support thread. It may be a problem which can be solved without creating new saves, etc. Especially starting a new game is probably not necessary, but may take some additional effort on my part to fix.


Known bugs

  • Player sometimes alternates between running and stopping when forced follow. Press "caps lock" or hold shift as a workaround.
  • Mods that increase or modify combat damage may make whipping fatal. Try to disable these mods and see if that helps. Ultimate combat is one such mod. It may break whipping and pillories if used with this mod.


This is a WIP, and once you've installed this mod, it may leave traces behind in your save games. This may or may not crash your game at a later time. I try my best to make sure it plays nicely and uninstalls cleanly, but it's your job to keep your important saves safe.







Fix for purple and missing pillory

ZAP 6.00 or later is now a requirement.

Other bug fixes.

Debug arrest option now requires the arrester to be in the in game crosshair.





Checked support for SexLab 1.58b.

SexLab animations now work again.

Player makes "hit sounds" when getting whipped instead of moaning constantly.

Lots of bug fixes.

Tested with SexLab 1.58b

Actors wearing zbfWornCollar (collars from Zap) will no longer be considered for crowd or punishment selection.

Support functions for plugging in and preventing members of factions to punish the player. (Useful for mods that add actors to jail locations.)





Clean up of some properties from v028.

Followers are also jailed and punished with the player. Followers can be forced to punish the player.

Bug: Mod can now run without resetting.

Clean up of scripts.

Fast forward can now be set to permanent from the console ("set xpoFastForward to 2"). MCM coming....





Support for SexLab 1.50+





Whips now use Zaz sounds.

Bounty hunters can now be disabled from MCM.

Player can use crafting stations again, even when hunted by bounty hunters.

Internal fixes on quest layout. xpoMain should be started at game start now.

Fixes to SexLab animations. Player is now bound during sex scenes in the prison.





Possible fix for the falling through floor bug.

Fix for Riften jail being locked.

Actors now skip the strapons for activities where it's not required.

Bounty hunters spawn when the player gets a bounty.

Crowds now watch the player when player is punished in the pillory.





Fix to avoid sexlab patch.

Module is now translated, but english is the only supported language so far.

Better (at least changed) whip sounds.

Playing only SexLab sounds when SexLab scenes are running.

Pillories are rotated in Whiterun and Falkreath to give NPCs better access.

Ragdoll ending and undressing now use the correct SexLab functions.

X-cross in Riften has been moved to a location that doesn't conflict with existing idle locations.

Pillories and player no longer slide around during punishment.

Configuration option to easier trigger bounty.

Integration with Death Alternative (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/45894/?)






Reordered master files to match BOSS order.

SexLab 1.39 compatible if SexLab is patched to handle unregistered animation events.

Pillories respawn when player leaves.

Fixes to ai getting released early and pillory position not resuming after SexLab.





SexLab 1.20 support

Upgraded ZAP dependency to 5.40

Customizable prison time





Separate controls to set who punishes the player in the cell and in the pillories.

Separate controls over timing of punishments in prison and in the pillories.

Added option to select punishment in the cell.

General MCM changes, more menus and more options.

Food spawns on the player after being visited by the guards.





Prison Overhaul now requires SexLab v1.15 to work correctly.

(Frostfall) Added frost resistance to the collar to make it easier to survive outdoors.

(Frostfall) Added option to retain prisoner clothing when jailed. Prisoner clothing counts as covering the entire body.

Logic changes to movement to create less shuffling in doorways.

Prisoners and villagers revert to default scale for pillory action scenes. (To line up better.)

Changed internal module flow through a single access point. Should be easier now to add more scenes.

Support for more pillory variety.

Variety of positions for the final whipping scene.

Escape mechanism resets when player escapes.

Whipping should now less bloody. (No more pools of blood.)

Guards will have fun with the prisoner in the cell.

Riften has been populated and modified. No sources of heat placed in Riften yet.

Jailer unstuck added to Debug menu. Use it when the jailer gets stuck in cells and so on.

Known issue: Ai control is not restored after abuse in the cell. Use it to escape if you feel adventurous. =)

Known issue: Things happen every 30min or so in the cell. Use wait if you don't want to see too many of those.





Moved markers back to keep doorways free during jailing sequences.

Changed enchant on the crops to prevent CTD after whipping scene. (Hopefully works now.)

Added additional controls on the stability section of the Debug menu.

Jailers have no own ai packages. They'll "go home" when their job is done.





Undressing works correctly (again).

Fires (small) created by the pillories for Frostfall users.

Major cleanup of old scripts and quests.

Resource detection (prison doors, pillories, markers) completely overhauled.

Day now lasts from 8am to 7pm.

Added debug menu option in MCM.

Slight tweaking of distance when ai controlled actors move around (will affect colliding actors, hopefully less).

Loads of tweaks to attempt to reduce CTD on game save after mod has completed.

Jailers have torches!

Time scale changes are set to off by default.





Fixed a bug where the jailer lost his/her whip after a while. This resulted in some scenes not progressing properly.

Wait no longer causes bugs when pathing between cell and pillories.

Guards and jailer now protect the prisoner.

Internal changes to startup and upgrade system.

Mod restart button added to MCM.

Added "disable all" option to pillory configuration menu.





Removed collision mesh from the pillory. This means you can't collide with the pillory anymore, and will just run through. It helps with random CTDs and frame rate drops that people have noticed.

Punishment duration can now be configured.

All properties in MCM have some description.

Actors strip before sex scenes.

Females equip a strapon for sex scenes, males do not. Only Cbbe support as of now.

Option to limit pillory scenes to males, females, both or just the jailer.

Overhaul of crime severity. Pillories are always used. Only three crime levels now.





The good people of Solitude again decided to move the pillories.

Added a variety of punishments to the pillories.

Fixed dialogue issues. Now birds, cows and so on will not tell the player how good it is they got caught.

Guard will now whip prisoners at the end of a served sentence also for petty crimes.

Punishment sounds and moans.

Pillories have been moved closer to fires, or braziers have been placed close to the pillories to prevent prisoners from freezing to death.

Game stats "Days jailed", "Times jailed" and "Jail Escapes" now update according to player actions.





Added configuration menu and removed most configuration globals. Use MCM to configure the mod from now on.

Renamed all mod state variables to xpoStateXXX. Find them by typing "help xpoState 3" in the console.

Jailer no longer holds his whipping when blocked.

Hard core mode collar which disables sleep, fast travel and wait (option).

Time scale changes when the mod is running (option).

Collar is a quest item and can't be dropped.

Pillories have been moved in Falkreath and Solitude.





XPO now checks for ZAP v5.10. Regardless of version, does not spam annoying messages when not necessary.

Bug: Dark face bug should be fixed.

Jailer now initially moves to the evidence chest to meet up with new prisoners.

Bug: Prisons without pillories should now work correctly.

Opening the cell door no longer counts as escaping after being released. Also, it now alerts guards and may make them hostile to you.

Jailer no longer moves back to barracks/jail during the whipping scene.





Prisoners are equipped with collars which prevent fast travel, wait and sleep. Time is instead accelerated when in the pillory or the cell.

Any npc can whip prisoners for a small fee.

Dialogue is back. If you install Fuz, you can enable it by setting "xpoEnableDialogue" to 1. It defaults to 0 (dialogue off).

Prisoners may be gagged in the pillory.

Jailer gender is now random. Specific genders can be choosen by setting "xpoJailerSelection" to 1 for male 2 for female, or 0 for random (default).





Fixed a dialogue bug where females would not be arrested above 100g bounty.

Punishment at the end of the sentence.

Camera no longer locked in the whipping scene, player mostly stays in place.

Release time is now a global variable, possible to set from the console. (xpoReleaseGameTime)

Crimes are now graded in four levels (petty, minor, serious, major). Violent crimes are at least serious. Violent bonty counts as 4x the gold value.

Punishment varies by seriousness.

Removed feeding in prisons until it can be made to work properly.

There is a jailer when you are arrested who will arresting, punishments and the like.

Outdoor pillories in Whiterun, Falkreath and Solitude.

Prisoners are released at 8am (or later if they sleep in).

Punishment is fixed at 24h rounding to release at 8am regardless of bounty amount.





Fixed compile bug in scripts.





Bug: Player no longer has a quiver equipped when being arrested.

Removed dependency on Fuz. All "dialogue" is now handled through debug messages.

Punishment now occurs every 6h. Waiting is not interrupted, so actual time may be longer.

Entire mod packed as a .bsa





Prisoners are no longer handed clothes. They still manage to smuggle lockpicks however.

Bug: Guards now unequip their shield when picking up the cane.

Bug: Guards no longer force moveTo if they are in the same cell when a new scene starts.

Food is handed out to the prisoner every 24h.

Player has weapons unequipped when first being arrested.

DontMove temporarily removed. You now get pushed around by the guard instead.





Bug: Prison length was 1h no matter the bounty.

Bug: After release, player was still greeted as a convict.

Added three new variables to control jail time:

* xpoCrimeGoldToSeconds which converts each gold into this many seconds of jail time. Default 360s (6min for each gold, 10g = 1h in jail)

* xpoCrimeGoldViolentMult which multiplies the jail time with this amount for violent crimes (such as murder). Default 4, murder = 4000 equivalent of time (defaults to roughly 17 days).

* xpoCrimeGoldMinimumTime which is the minimum time in jail in seconds. Defaults to 86400 (24h, one day).





Version check against Zaz Animation Pack. Warns if mismatched.

Reduced delay during the "unequip your items" scene.

Added a scene to escort the player out of jail once sentence is completed.

Npcs should no longer greet the player in a friendly way when player is a prisoner.

Made all of the quests start from a special boot quest, because the start up seems sensitive.

Cleaned up script bindings after renaming fragments.





Changed punishment scene idle (shackled to ceiling) and length.

Opening the cell or moving too far away from the cell makes you an escaped fugitive (reapplies previous bounty as well as adding bounty for escaping).

Added support for Solitude.

Changed scripts to not refresh ai package every so often. This appears to work better for at least Solitude. I'm not sure if this ever helped.

Unequip scene has been automated, so you don't have to do anything. This also makes it possible to just move on even if some stuff could not be unequipped (or that's the plan at least).





Whip now uses Zaz Animation Pack, and leaves marks.

Script cleanup.

Added a quest, xpoForceAi, which as long as running forces the ai to control the player. (Mostly for debugging purposes)





Removed interrupt flags from ai packages. Hopefully makes the ai more responsive.

Attempted fix punishment scene. Added extra debug traces to help nail down punishment scene issues.





Bug: Prisoner was not freed after the punishment scene.

Player maintains control of movement throughout (most of) the scene. This should hopefully make it easier to avoid the "locking ai" issues.

Guards walk at regular speed when transporting you to prison.

You can be sentenced to more than one day in prison.





Added a punishment scene after waiting in prison. Will leave whip marks if you have "Paradise Halls" installed (just the whip mark textures are needed). Try waiting for an hour.

Attempted to fix "getting stuck" issues. Hopefully works better now ...

Fixed issue with loading game in prison.

Added a SEQ file.





Minor bug fix on a script not finding the player.



What's New in Version V033


  • Option to set fast forward to always on.
  • Changed whipping mechanic. Player is now whipped to a certain health threshold, then healed back up.
  • Automatic healing from the collar significantly reduced.
  • Added a new scenario where the player is paraded through town. (Whiterun, Windhelm)
  • Added a new scenario where the player is caged indoors. (Morthal and Whiterun)
  • Remodeled Morthal prison to a slightly less cozy place.