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Ves' Prostitute Outfit (Witcher 2) - UNPB BBP 1.0

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About This File

General Information and Legal credits:

This is Ves' Prostitute outfit from Witcher 2 (If you still for some reason haven't played that game, I highly encourage you to :P), made self-contained by pulling it from This Mod by AlphaWoIF, and of course, resources taken from the awesome game Witcher 2.


Major credits go to CD Projekt Red for not only creating an amazing game, but also allowing their fans to use their games' assets as publicly stated by Marcin Momot, Community Manager at CD Projekt Red's Headquarters.


Background/Information and Credits:

This "project" of mine originated as a request I made several months ago, asking if someone skilled enough might have been willing to port this great outfit to Skyrim. Later on I realized that it was already an asset to the afore-mentioned Nexus mod, but the original asset/default texture was of course created for the Witcher 2 game, and after trying the outfit in Skyrim I noticed the texture was simply too low quality, having been created for a game that uses almost completely different lighting mechanics/effects, shaders, etc.

So I decided to give it a nice new fresh hand of paint, and while I was at it I also requested from any user reading the original post if they would be so kind to give me a hand with re-adjusting the body type.

This is when user named Xarathos replied, and agreed to not only give me a hand with the project but do the conversions themselves (for UNPB and 7Base (O)ppai).

Since then, Xarathos has made a number of great tweaks to the outfit, listed as follows:


-Converted outfit to UNPB BBP - 7Base Oppai 2.2

-Removed the Iron Choker/Collar built-into the outfit (for better compatibility with actual BDSM mods)

-Removed the Shorts/Medieval Underwear on an alternate version of the outfit for a "Ready" version of it

-Fixed several oddities with the meshes that would cause a number of graphical issues in-game with the new textures

-Amongst other things...


*Please check his own Download Thread for a full list of all of his 7Base Oppai conversions including Ves' Outfit :)

*Can't thank Xarathos enough for his skill and patience :PThanks a lot!


Mod Specifics:

This mod comes in 2 versions built-in the one .esp file; the Regular version and the Ready version (namely "Ves Outfit" and "Ves Outfit Ready"), with the Regular version being the integral port with only the retexture, and the Ready version the one without the Shorts for extra perviness/modularity :P


Both outfits are craftable at any forge and their recipes are as follows:

x2 Leather

x4 Leather Strips (x2 for Ready Version)

x4 Linen Wrap (x3 for Ready Version)


--I believe Xarathos has also added functionality/compatibility to the recipes for the mods "Breakdown" and "Complete Crafting Overhaul", but I do not use these mods myself and thus I can't really speak much about this added compatibility. You will have to ask Xarathos yourself over at his thread for more specifics :P


--I will also provide a folder within the Download file that contains the Original texture should you prefer that instead. It'll be contained in the "Optional" sub-folder. Make sure to replace the installed texture with that one if you'd like to try it/use it.


Lastly both of these versions are fully BBP and "weight-supported", so you should have little to no issues adjusting your weight in-game and bouncing all over the place :P


*NEW*: Included a Black and Purple optional recolor to download by request of user-name lidowxxx. If you wish to install this file instead of the previous 2 textures, simply download it and place the new file under ./Data/Textures/clothes/vesoutfit. Say yes to overwrite.


*NEW*: User name Z0mBieP00Nani grabbed one of Ves' tattoos (the back tattoo) and self-contained it into it's own optional file as a layer to be used along-side RaceMenu and it's Overlay Plugin. Thanks a lot for the contribution :) Picture in the Loose Pictures section!

*The tattoo replaces the femalebodytattoo_0.dds

*Note that RaceMenu AND the Overlay Plugin are required to use this optional file.



This mod requires the user to have a UNPB body *and* a BBP/TBBP Skeleton installed. Without these, miscellaneous weirdness will happen.


Final Notes:

I will likely add more pictures to better display/showcase this outfit and the new texture, though considering my free time to play the game is very random and all over the place I can't ensure when would that be. If you'd like to submit your own pictures displaying the outfit I'll be glad to include them to the Post :)


I will also *probably* continue to work on the texture a tiny bit here and there when I have time and/or until I can occupy my free time with a new project, so if there's anything in particular with the new texture that you would like to see *improved do let me know and I'll see if it can't be tweaked!

*Keep in mind that I need to be consistent with the texture :P Most of the things I added to it I purposely had to adjust them to look "low quality" to match the rest of the texture, otherwise something would look very high definition, and other areas of the texture would look very bad in comparison. This is *not* an HD retexture for Ves' outfit after all :P


Loose Pictures Section:

post-48796-0-46160700-1410304101_thumb.png post-48796-0-50869000-1410304148_thumb.jpg

post-48796-0-78936300-1410304732_thumb.png post-48796-0-17000200-1410351164_thumb.jpg

post-48796-0-29417100-1410351168_thumb.jpg post-48796-0-05472200-1410351172_thumb.jpg

post-48796-0-89353300-1410351175_thumb.jpg post-48796-0-63808300-1410351179_thumb.jpg

post-48796-0-01269200-1410351190_thumb.jpg post-48796-0-55613400-1410351194_thumb.jpg

post-48796-0-95815800-1410382958_thumb.png post-48796-0-90503500-1410387770_thumb.jpg

post-48796-0-78073400-1410387777_thumb.jpg post-48796-0-28793200-1410387782_thumb.jpg





Credits Table:

CD Projeckt Red - For the amazing games they create and overall being an amazing company.

AlphaWolF - For indirectly helping me with this entire project :P.

Xarathos - For basically doing most of the work outside of a simple crappy retexture :).

Z0mBieP00Nani - For the Back Tattoo self-containment :)

LoversLab - For being an awesome website and having a great community.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • Release.
  • Added a few in-game shots to the "Loose Pictures" section.
  • Added Black and Purple optional re-color.
  • Added Ves' Back Tattoo.

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