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About This File


Top: Flat, Curve and Lite version.

Bottom: Included penis circumcised and uncircumcised penis and selectable size S,M,L and also a rigged penis to use with WickedWhims for more natural animation.

Color Matcher Tools 



The BTTB's penis is the whole new system which means the texture space will not support other WickedWhims penis but it's still Rigged penis which mean its have natural movement with WW animation. Color Matcher Tools were included in the file for installation and it's in tattoo category . BTTB 5 Genetic Color.package and  BTTB 5 Genetic Tip Color.package are for match the skin color to unsupported skin. (More supported skin are gonna update on my website. please check  for the update).


Easy for Skin Creator

A whole new penis system? Sound like a new load of work to be done, isn't it? Not at all.

BTTB 5 also has a Blender File where you can just load your finished skin and click render and boom! You've got a BTTB 5 Supported skin!


visit BANK42n.com/bttb5 for more infomation!


Thank you for everyone who donates this Patreon to get BTTB 5 Full Version!

I'll keep working to make it better! 

BNX BTTB 5 by BANK42n (FreeVersion) up_01.zip

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