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(machine translation)

For LE]
Nyotengu race mod.
DoA 6's Nyotengu, It was not made by me myself, but by commission. 
I only made some modifications.

Based Pureskin Texture(https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73853)
Body is COSIO(CBBE-based) 
UNP user can change mesh and texture, ...maybe not? I haven't tried it.

0.Nothing Special
Just Nord Copy&Paste and change Race name.


1.This mod doesn't include Nyo's hair
so you needs another hair mod (ex : Yundao hair, A&K team's Nyotengu outfit mod wig)
I adjusted nyo's head and forehead so that she could use the existing hair mod. 
but couldn't completely modify the shape of forehead. so some hair is incompatible.


2.Doesn't have eyebrows. 
It's only drawn on the face texture. 
So you have to choose the transparent eyebrows
(ex : Let's make it transparent by modifying unused eyebrow textures.)


3.Facial expression is not fully embodied. 
me 0~14
mp 0,1 (Aah, BigAah)
mm 0, 1, 8~13(Blink L,R Lookdown,left,right,up Squint L,R)
Only this is possible things. I wish someone could make the rest.


4.Modification and distribution are totally free,
You don't have to ask my permission. but I want you to share it with me. :)


-Contact me

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