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Warcraft: Perverts of Azeroth 0.2

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About This File


What is this?
-This is a submod for the Warcraft: Guardians of Azeroth total conversion mod for Crusader Kings 2.


What does it do?
-This submod offers a number of quality of life additions and other useful/kinky things outlined in the FEATURES section below.


Is this compatible with X mod?

-Assume no unless specified otherwise. I would prefer to spend my time (and sanity) developing this submod instead of attempting to frankenstein it with an unholy amalgamation of other mods.

-It "should" play nicely with existing submods for Warcraft:GOA like GOA Music and GOA Models.


Why did you make this mod?
-I really enjoy the Warcraft:GOA mod, but the features of other naughty mods here have spoiled me rotten. Rather than try to fumble around with compatibility, I decided to make a submod from the ground up that will play nicely with the mod, by design. Besides, there is a TON of smut for Warcraft; I'm surprised someone didn't do this sooner.


I have a great idea you could add to..
-I'm sure you do. You're welcome to share, but I am one person, and my interests will obviously take priority. I, also, have a laundry list of things that I would like to add.


What are you going to add in the future?
-Hopefully, many things, but something I've had to learn the hard way is to not promise things until they're on the plate or in the oven.
-The general goal after V1.0 is to introduce themed(perverted) meta-game mechanics for 1-2 classes with each update.


When is the next release?
-That's my line; I'll let you know when I know.

-This submod is a hobby, not a job. Set expectations accordingly.


v0.2 -=Additional Assets=-
-Futanari come to Azeroth.
\Game Rule to enabled/disable(additional option to bias certain races).
\updated existing systems to include futa.
\futanari are very sexual creatures and will actively try to make babies with those who can carry them(spouse/consorts/lovers). You have been warned.
-Decision to Claim unlanded courtiers as your spouse.
\can claim same-sex partners if your character is sexually deviant enough(or an elf).
\landed NPCs can also claim same-sex partners if certain (strict) conditions are met.

V0.1 -=Basic Bitch=-
-Initiate "Intimate Interaction"s with your Spouse/Lover/Consort(s).
\may result in pregnancy for suitable couples.
-Motivate your Council Members to do their job. Just try to not stress them out too much.
\Chancellors(Claim Fabrication), Marshals(Commander Improvement), Stewards(Settle Tribe), Spymasters(Uncover Plot) and Chaplains(County Conversion) can all be motivated.
\better options to motivate them will be available depending on the stats of your character.
\some councillors will be more productive than others; traits matter.
-Motivate your Landed Vassals to produce an heir and secure their claim on the holdings you graciously lend to their safekeeping.


v1.0 -=Perverts Cumeth=-
-Perverts reveal themselves to Azeroth.
-Arousal System that is the foundation of future content. (Think of it like a second 'mana' system, with tiered arousal states and potential consequences.)
\both Perverts and Futanari will have innate access to the Arousal System.

-Dynamic Images that match characters' race/gender
\I experimented with this, but engine limitations would require excessively bloated code that would result in a nightmare to maintain.
-Ability to claim same-sex consorts/concubines
\Unfortunately, this is another hard-coded issue I ran into that would require overwriting all religions. I may introduce heiracies to support it at some point, but that is VERY unlikely to happen anytime soon.


Warcraft: Guardians of Azeroth
(Download links available on the right side of the page; or find it through Steam's Workshop)


Monks and Mystics - For some Councillor interactions.


-Use 7zip(https://www.7-zip.org/) to open the .7z file.
-Extract the WarcraftWPOA.mod and WarcraftWPOA folder to your /Crusader King's II/mod/ folder. (The same place your Warcraft: Guardians of Azeroth mod is located.)
-Activate the "Warcraft: Perverts of Azeroth" mod on your CK2 launcher.




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