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these are some sims I've made based on some of my original characters.  None of these sims is a perfect representation of the character but they are as close as I could make them.  They have had their own stories unfold in many roleplays and stories of mine, but now I want to let them loose upon the world for you all to play with them however you like.



I've included as much of the CC used with each of them as I could while maintaining a reasonable file size for each zip.  I tried not to include too much custom clothing, as I figure you will be able to dress them up however they want.  Any clothes they come in are just their default attire as I've used them.



They all have backstories and I'll include some small snippets of it for each character, but most of all I want you all to use them however you want.  The Sims themselves will have their skills and careers already preset because I can't figure out how to remove those from the Tray sims without re-creating them.  I'll leave it to smarter people like you to wipe them and use them as clean slates, or as-is.



My OC sims are constantly being worked on and changed, adjusted based on new stuff I find that may suit them better or new presets or skin overlays I feel are more accurate.  So the sims I upload here will not be constantly updated based on what ever minor changes I make.  They are instead representative of how they were at the time I uploaded them last.



Also I am using the game with aging enabled, and extended using MCCC.  Because of this, some of the Sims might automatically age up when placed in your game.  I included dates of birth for them so you can decide what age to start them at if you want to play with them as-is.  Otherwise you would have to cheat to set their ages at what ever you'd like.



Some of my Sims have paysite items attached to them which I have not included with the downloads.  The specific items will be listed with each sim profile, and I will have alternates included with them for anyone who does not have the pay items.







I've included all the necessary CC for each of them.  I've also included some of the sliders I've used, and any CC that I customized (in particular I use a customized Skin Overlay made up of S-Club WMLL HD Skin 2.0A for the face, and Obscurus Melancholic Skin for the body.  I also included a separate file for a redder version of Praline's N53 eyebrows, as well as a solid red shirt made from Dani Paradise's Lazy Oaf shirt .)  You don't have to replace any CC you already have and probably shouldn't.  If you don't want certain sliders, you can remove them if you want.  Unfortunately my current mod folder layout is a mess so they aren't sorted very well.





Here's a list of the CC I used.  It's already included in the file, this is just for credit.





Margaret Calloway


born May 19, 1987






Born in Russia and barely able to speak a single word of Russian, Margaret ended up in (your country here) with four specific goals in mind; Movie Star, Rock Star, Porn Star, Wrestling Star.  One by one, she reached all those goals, taking advantage of her ample physical assets and bright and sunny personality, and the full support of her husband and soulmate, who simultaneously went to achieve a few stardoms of his own.


Mag always knew she was different, but never knew why until later on in her life.  Always something of a little performer and a clown, she nevertheless has a hard time making friends and maintaining expected social etiquette.  It's near impossible for her to lie to anyone, often preferring to stir up trouble rather than tell some white lies.  A brief encounter with her can have someone thinking her abrasive, obnoxious, possibly manic.  In a way, they're probably a bit right.  She's extremely generous and empathetic, but also anxious, moody, and extremely vain.


Despite her wealth, Mag is very austere, not bothering to indulge much in luxuries or even makeup or jewelry.  The only things she tends to indulge in are her sexual desires, helped by her very open relationship with her husband.  When she is "on", she can be a sexual firecracker.  When she's "off", she can be ornery, belligerent, quick to anger but also quick to calm.





Priscilla Locke and Rhiannon Locke


April 21, 1984  and  June 28, 1985





Born Charlie Locke, Priss remembers very little of her childhood beyond the constant teasing and bullying.  Then something happened, and her sister Rhiannon, a pest in her own right, became her most vehement defender.  Rhiannon Locke has sworn to take care of her older sister no matter what, even as the two drifted apart after college.



Priscilla found herself drawn to the world of law enforcement, finding particular pleasure in detective work and interrogations.  While she became the breadwinner for the family, Rhiannon languished in mediocrity and mediocre under-employment, occasionally selling drugs or sex to get by before returning home to her sister.  Despite their constant arguing, they're inseparable.



Ever since their reunion, Rhiannon has taken to some unusual acquaintances and late night dalliances.  Has she gotten in with a drug dealer, or a gang?  Or some kind of end of the world cult?  Why can't Priscilla Locke remember anything before she was six?  Who left the screw in the tuna?  Some things aren't meant to be known.




Shawn Calloway


May 19, 1987






Life was always hard for Shawn Calloway growing up.  Abused, harassed, bullied, yet always able to persevere.  Life was a constant struggle for him, yet as soon as he reached adulthood, the struggling stopped.  His life changed radically and so did his behavior.  He'd always been moody, depressive, possibly even emo.  Then he grew up and calmed down.  Sometimes a bit too much, as he can tend to seem bored, emotionless, or completely detached from anyone around him.


But keeping to himself is just his way.  With the support of his wife always by his side, he made a name for himself and reached superstardom, all the while always helping others.  Most of his money ends up given out to others, and most of his time is spent in pleasing others.  His very open relationship and seemingly complete lack of self-interest has had the effect of establishing him as a very generous lover, to both men and women




Robbie Riggs


February 28, 1989






Life has been pretty great for Robbie Riggs, living in a nice upscale part of Mars with all her Martian friends.  Then came the apocalypse that wiped out all life on Mars and rendered it a dry, uninhabitable wasteland.  Meteors hit Mars and scraped off pieces still containing the squished remains of her friends and family and they hit Earth.  But Robbie stayed behind, until a time machine mishap brought her 4 billion years into the future, and into modern day Sim Earth!


Or at least that's the story she tells people.  It's impossible to know if it's true or not, but no one really cares and Robbie has adapted well.  She's still a bit out of it, with a tendency to lose focus and become somewhat erratic around others.  She suffers from acne and tends not to shave for long periods of time, preferring instead to dye her body hair blue, as was the Martian style according to her.  Regardless of that, she enjoys astronomy and has great interest in space travel unrelated to Mars.  She also has absolutely no problem dabbling a bit in exotic dancing or even prostitution.  She still can't believe people will pay her money for it.



Lezbia McBlayde


July 3, 1983






Lezbia McBlayde spent most of her life a tightly packed ball of tomboyish anger and moodiness.  She used outlets such as music and soccer to focus her rage when something shocking suddenly happened in her adulthood; she met someone who changed her life forever, Rilla.  Since then she's calmed down significantly, become much more relaxed and open, and even gotten back into music and sports.  The two of them were drawn to each other immediately and fell passionately in love.  They are practically polar opposites; Lezbia a quiet, soft-spoken, relaxed figure while Rilla is constantly bursting with energy and passion.


The only part of her past that still gets to her is her past.  Growing up in a traditional Hispanic family, she found it hard to fit in and be accepted for who she was.  Her reputation as a hardened, testy, easily riled up individual still clings to her, while she continues to move on through life leaving it behind her.


(Note: One of her hairstyles featured in her screenshots is not included in the pack here because it is not a free item.  The item is NewSea's YU169F hair.  If you already have it, it will show up with her in tray.)




Rilla Reichmann


November 4, 1967






Born and raised in Germany to a well off and very liberal family, Rilla spent most of her early years as a party girl, making friends as easily as one could breathe, she was always popular and fun to be around, helped along by her very curvy form and naturally blessed figure.  She met Lezbia late in life and fell madly in love almost instantly.  They are practically polar opposites; Rilla bursting with energy and passion, while Lezbia is quiet, soft-spoken, introverted but confident.


Rilla began exploring her sexuality with Lezbia and found herself open to more and more with more and more people.  Since then she's come to enjoy sharing spouses with others, filming themselves, and blogging about her experiences, finding herself almost more intrigued by watching others than by participating herself.



(Note: One of her hairstyles featured in her screenshots is not included in the pack here because it is not a free item.  The item is NewSea's J129F hair.  If you already have it, it will show up with her in tray.)



Andariel Halo and Kelly Halo


June 28, 1972 or something  and  June 28, 1988






"I have lived forever", says Andariel Halo.  A blatant lie; it's only been about 4,000 years.  Some of that time was spent surviving among the ancients, seeing the sights of history and collecting items to be hoarded for centuries and sold for a profit.  Most of the time it was sleeping in a cave and waiting for the local townspeople to forget she existed before sneaking off somewhere else to establish herself again.  However she got to be where she is and well off as she is, she seems to have a long and storied past, as loaded with wild sexual encounters as with historical misdeeds and shenanigans.  Now in the late stages of human history, she's settled herself down as matriarch of the Sims neighborhood.


Thick and curvy as she is, she inevitably draws attention from men and women alike, and has a natural alluring presence that makes her a veritable femme fatale.  But beyond the sex, there's no sinister ulterior motive.  Most of the time she is just content with her life where it is, or else ornery and annoyed, complaining about anything that bothers her to anyone who will listen.  She's gotten used to being the one being kicked out of bed after sex.


Oldest daughter of the immortal woman Andariel, Kelly was raised according to a strict regimen of carefully balanced lessons, planning, disciplines, and education, for all of a year.  After that Andy did her best with improvising.  The result was Kellius Halo; a beautiful and bubbly young woman with hardly a care in the world.  Nothing she does is for anyone but herself, and also her friends and family members.  She almost never shaves and has to be pushed and shoved into dressing up.  Life is always a pleasure for her, even when she's working.  She takes it upon herself to be there for all her friends and family, whether they want her to or not.






Tallisabeth Esterhazy


February 28, 1990






She was not from a village that was burned and razed by evil bandits. Her parents weren't killed, leaving her an orphan. She didn't grow up bitter seeking to avenge the death of her still-alive parents. She isn't a death dealer or expert swordsman or anything.



Well, she is an orphan, and a bit of a cynic, but she's not at all bitter or any typical stereotype. She just appeared and lived life. And still lives.  Now she's dwelling lovingly on her two favorite things; love and the guitar.  She's made quite a name for herself on the second and now seeks to make her name in the first.  Despite going on 30, she often acts immature and obnoxious, constantly getting carded and astonished stares from people in utter disbelief.  Oftentimes she makes as many enemies as she does friends.


(Note: One of her hairstyles featured in her screenshots is not included in the pack here because it is not a free item.  The item is NewSea's J096F hair.  If you already have it, it will show up with her in tray.)






Lea Longstreet


July 1, 1979






Born and raised in privilege and wealth, Lea Longstreet found a deep sense of dissatisfaction with her life, which drove her to join the Strangerville Army.  There, she found herself oftentimes playing hero, whether she intended to or not.  Paranoid about others, she withdrew to a small trailer and watched the neighborhood around her slowly change, with less questions being answered by the top ranks in the military about why, or what the purple and pink stuff in the sky was, and why those purple plants kept sprouting up everywhere.  Rather than try to deal with the top ranks, she decided to become one of the top ranks, rising up the ranks as an NCO and slowly uncovering the horrible horrible secrets.


But aside from all that, Lea found her new choice of lifestyle relaxing.  Naturally upbeat and tolerant, she found it incredibly easy to make friends, and even easier to make lovers.  As her reputation grew and became pristine, she became prolific among the citizens of Strangerville for always having someone's back, and always having her door or even her bed open to anyone in need.




What's New in Version 1.9969699   See changelog


added Lezbia McBlayde

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