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Make Skyrim Clothing and Armor Fit Into Devious Device Without Being Hidden.

This Is My Personal Modification Mods. From Many Author Around The World. All Thanks To Them.


All In One, Skimpy Version with Dozen of Underwear. All Outfit Including DLC.

Include Armor Support for Skyrim Immersive Creature Add-on Version 6.5.2b.

If You Want to add it into All NPC Around Skyrim you may Need This Mods. But It Will Change all Female Character Face. See More Detail In That Page.

Also Support for: High Heels Sound by ApoKrytia.

New Gmail Link is contain all new update until 1.82 Version. it's quite big, so I reupload again.

Simple Description: Plus and Minus, Just See Screenshot....

Installation: Just Copy Into Textures and Meshes Folder and Activate The ESP File.



  • Chastity Belt is Exotic and Erotic, But It Will be Hidden When Player Wearing an Armor? Because It's Through Player Clothing?
  • Love Bra, Panties, and Chastity Belt Straps but We Can't See it?
  • Love Chastity Belt and Bra, Why We Don't Have Other Underwear to Fit it Altogether? 
  • Plug Through Clothing and Armor Because She Wearing a Pants?


Support Pee and Fart without Taking an Armor, Only Panties (Because Most of Female Outfit is Skirt and Dress (Mini)).

Support Skyrim Immersive Creature Mods For Outfit. (Glass and Broken Nord Armor).


Hopefully This Mods Can Change It! See Long Description Below...



Warning: Please Backup Your Meshes and Textures Folder Before Replace With This Mods.

This is My Personal Modification Mods. Combined With Many Various Modder. And it's Quite Big (About 5Gb Unrar). So You Need Download it All Via Google Drive.

  • There is 4 Download Link:
    • 2 Is Texture (Part 1 and 2) (Google Drive).
    • 1 Meshes (Google Drive).
    • 1 is ESP File Update Included (Direct Download).
  • Outfit for Skyrim Immersive Creature Add-on is Included (see Download Section).




Setting For Devious Hider is Still Need to Hide a Pierced Nipple, Specially when Wearing a Bra Only. (The Configuration Should be Like Below...)


422400449_enb2020_01_1110_18_13_49.jpg.bc0169191062049c61a806c676385de1.jpg   1631904569_enb2020_01_1110_18_21_79.jpg.a38c68e8ae26fdba8e5de86321f0c74c.jpg


To Make Fit with Other Bra, Chastity Bra Cup Size is Reduced. Make a Piercing Through The Bra. (That's Why you still need Devious Hider For Nipple Piercing When Wearing Bra or Outfit).



Characteristic in This Mods:

  • Underwear Using Same Slot as Devious Device. (Bra (56) and Panty (49)).
  • All Armor and Clothing is Skimpy Version. (Combined with Various Modder).
  • All Outfit is CBBE HDT Version including Underwear.
  • All Outfit is No Hood, Hood Version Now is a Separated Equipment. 
  • All Hooded Version Is Replace with Alternate Version (Other Skimpy Outfit).
  • Most of Clothing Type Is Thigh High.
  • Armor Have a Thigh High Boots. You Can Upgrade it From Smiting Forge. (ChronoTrigger77 Mods).
  • Almost No Pauldron. It's Weird for Behind and... Less Sexy Maybe....
  • Almost Outfit is Sleeveless.
  • All Named Outfit has Different Style (Killer Keo Version Combined with Remodel Armor or C77 Version). Vice Versa.
  • All Outfit is Skirt or Dress Type. (Perfect Outfit for Female). 
    • With Skirt or Dress, There is No Trouble for Plug. (Better Looking).
    • Better if Using Costume Female Sprint or Running Animation. (Up-skirt from Behind).
    • Include High Heels Boots Version by lyliths.
    • The Garter Belt Will Shown The Effect if You Wear Altogether with Thighs or Stocking.
    • Armor, Clothing, Thigh Highs, High Heels, Underwear Stats Re-balance.



  • Underwear Have Some Various Enchantment Effect to Support Female Character only. Include Garter and Stocking.
  • Void Armor Now Wearing Skirt, Stats Rebalance. (Thanks for Killer Keo).
  • Some Armor Top and Bottom is Combined With Another Modder.
  • Add more Variant for Vanilla Armor. RNG Drop or buy from Merchant
  • All Bikini Armor World Mods now consider as Underwear. 
  • Add Alduin Armor Light Type From (MaikCG).
  • 3 Variantor Dragon Armor Heavy Type, 2 Version of Light.
    • All of Them is Good, I Include Them All. (Remodel in Smiting Forge).
  • 3 Variant of Stormcloak Armor, 2 Each for Imperial and Commander Armor.
  • 2 Variant of Blades and Wolf Armor.
  • And ETC....

Some Personal Modified That Include into This Mod.

  • Add Colour for Nausicca Underwear (8 Variation).
  • Add Colour for LSAR Underwear (5 Variation).
  • Some Modified for Armor from many wonderful Modder. Replace Short with Skirt.
  • Have 2 body, Tube-top type clothing, the Breast is a Little Push-up to reduced Gaping.
    • Such (mage Expert and Master, Vampire Royal Armor, Barkeeper, Etc. (All Tube-top Type)).
  • For Armor of the Old Gods, I Used Another Skimpy Armor to Make More Variant Than Casual Forsworn Outfit.
  • Mini Skirt For All Mage Clothing.
  • Include Default CBBE Female Body.
  • Re-scale For Nipple Piercing to Fit The Outfit.







  • Fit to Chastity Belt and Bra, Harness, Collar and Corset (Devious Integration).
  • Support for Underwear in same Slot as Chastity Belt and Bra.
  • Without Hide it. Skimpy Armor it Will Looks Erotic with Bra/Panty or Chastity.



Also Fit for Corset, Harness, Devious Bra, Iron, and Steel Belt.



All Underwear Included (from nisetanaka, ChronoTrigger77, Nausicaa, amk, Osare, LSAR. Support (CBBE HDT).



Include All Bra and Panties. Clothing, Light and Heavy. (Support Ground Object).



Support Pee And Fart or Private Need Without Take off Armor or Clothing! Just Panties (Lift Skirt/Dress) (MCM should be Set).



  • Gaping Between Female Body and Clothing/Armor.
  • Make a Female Looks Little Fat.
  • Still Gaping in Some Animation.





Credit, Support and Thanks...


Skimpy Clothing And Armor Including Underwear Division:

Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT by ChronoTrigger77

HDT CBBE for A Little Sexy Apparel Replacer by Dollvahkiin

CBBE HDT Spice Gear by sgtmcbiscuits

CBBE HDT Minidresses by sgtmcbiscuits

Seraphine Armor - CBBEv3 - UNP by jmenaru

Demon Hunter Armor - CBBEv3 and UNP by jmenaru

Demon Hunter Armor V2- CBBEv3 and UNP by jmenaru


Special Underwear Division:

Bikini Armor by nisetanaka

amk Border Lace Lingerie CBBEv3M and UNP by amesake

Osare Panty CBBE TBBP with Bodyslide by Sylis

Lingerie Set - CBBE - HDT - BodySlide by Alunder

Layer Bikini - UNP and CBBE by Anano

Vtaw Wardrobe 5 - CBBE SE - CBBE SMP - CBBE 3BA - BodySlide by ousnius

TES Arena Bikini - CBBE Bodyslide by Sandaron

Draugr, Stalhrim, Dragon Scale Bikini by Koffman77


Replacer and Addon Outfit and Boots Division:

Daedric female armor replacer by MaikCG

HDT High Heeled Boots by lyliths

CBBE HDT Conversion of Killerkeo's skimpy armor replacer by strikegio

Ashara's Romantic outfit CBBEHDT conversion by strikegio

Ashara Imperial Outfit CBBE Conversion by FraWolfHD

Elder Outfit Overhaul by Shadohz


Retexture Outfit Division:

Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul - Schools of Magic by Alexandriel

Dragonborn Mages Robes Retexture Pack by Rafuel

Realistic Transparent Glass Armors Weapons v3 - VANILLA UNP CBBE - optional textures by Cabal120 by mikegemini


Body and Tool Division:

BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Caliente

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Caliente


Devious Device Division:

Devious Devices (Assets) 3.0e by Zadil

Devious Devices - Integration V4.3a by Min


Everyone And Another Modder that I can't tell them all.... (I Forget).




Edited by Black714

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