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[Updated!] Guild Wars 2 Armor Conversions UNP 2.0 beta

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About This File

Original Game: Guild Wars 2
Credits: ArenaNET, NCSoft
Ripped and Converted by: Lady Horus (myself)


Lots of changes in Version 2 (beta)!


I reworked the entire mod. HDT High Heels is no longer required.


I stopped work on this before it was complete, so there are some missing armors from this update compared to the last. However if you want to use the old version with the new that is absolutely fine as they will not conflict with eachother at all. If you use the previous version (1.0) you WILL need HDT High Heels, though.


I'm not sure if/when I will continue this mod, sorry guys. But, I have been holding on to this as it is for months now, and thought it's doing no good just sitting on my harddrive! So here it is for all of you. :)


Most of these have male counterparts as well, with the exception of the Eagle and Havroun sets.


Armors included in 2.0 beta:




Exemplar (previously called "Anise" in 1.0)




Armors from 1.0 not included in 2.0 beta:




Coming updates: Until otherwise announced, work on this mod is at a stand-still. I have been working on other projects, but I may return to this mod at a later time.




Well I tried linking to the main download screenshots here for those of you who browse this via the thread on the forum, but kept having broken images so, I suggest going to the download page if you want to see them! :D

What's New in Version 2.0 beta


  • 2.0beta - Noble, Illusionist outfits removed (until remade). Phalanx, Protector, Eagle, Assassin, Exemplar (previously "Anise" set), Sorcerer, and Havroun outfits added.
  • 1.0 - Noble, Anise, and Illusionist outfits added.

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