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I hadn't uploaded anything in a LONG time so....





Iris Scout

20 modular part light armor set:

Made from scratch almost entirely with the polydraw tools in 3ds Max.

Meant for lower level to newer characters.

9 Pieces, 2 colors (brown or gray~ish leather)

+ Strapless Pauldron Variants (Less clipping)




Roughly the same as a full Hide Armor set when wearing 9 pieces (Get over it, the extra enchant slots make it OP enough), +/- 5 ish.




Craftable, and Temperable at the usual places where such things are done.

Simple, 2 leather 2 leather strip recipe per part, with a 1 leather temper. You can find them under the Hide category.



Not so much fun details:

~ No weight slider. I had a specific character in mind, and I'm too fucking lazy to do morphs and screw around with something I'll likely be sick of in 2 weeks or less.

~ I made this for a varient of Unpb that I use, so some Unpb versions may clip if you aren't wearing one of the tops. Closest varient is likely the MTM Tbbp bodies by Mr. T or Mr. B's pregnancy body.

(note: this set does not use a belly node)

~ Some Clipping is bound to occur here or there, shit happens.

~ I use HDT-PE for physics and didn't notice any clipping from that type of thing with the animations I use, but that may not be the case for everybody.

~ There are some smoothing artifacts here and there, but not bad for the first armor I've really done from scratch, and extra inline edges would add a lot to poly counts (I play on a laptop).

~ Textures: Mostly 2048 (pardon my crappy laptop screen shots) some 1024 and 512. Smaller parts were given smaller textures.

~ I am a novice, so my topo isn't all that great.... oh darn.




Slot Conventions:



Gloves ~ 33

Bracer ~ 59

Capris style pants ~ 48

Shorts ~ 48

Pauldrons ~ 46

Panty ~ 49 (I generally use 52 for this, but switched it for the upload version for compatibility reasons)

Top ~ 32

Skimpy Top ~ 32

Sandals ~ 37





Keywording Notes:



Some eccentric keywording was used for perk compatibly smithing and general use.

~ Capris and shorts are both recognized as a cuirass type items. For the topless crowd, and armor set/tempering perks.

~ Panty and Pauldrons both get treated as Helmet/circlet type items. Sort of like above, because fuck hats.

~ Bracer gets treated like gauntlets... you get the idea.







Nightasy ~ Great tutorials for getting started

Canderes ~ Introduced me to the polydraw stuff in 3ds Max.

MaxDaten (deviantart) ~ Brown Leather Texture : http://maxdaten.deviantart.com/

That furniture company that sent me sample leather swatches.

Ashal and the LL community ~ For being LL

The LL "Show Your Counterpart" crowd ~ Clicking that ever encouraging like button on some wip screenies, otherwise it would never have been uploaded

The ring and loop buttons in an edit poly modifier <3

Diamon99 ~ Unp

Mr.T, Mr.B, Calyps, Xp ~ Unpb related stuffs

DragonFly (Sp?) ~ Tbbp

Autodesk ~ Free Student License product versions!

Niftools/SourceForge ~ Nifskope

Paint.net/Gimp ~ Their respective Free Art programs

TheFigment ~ Max Nif Import/export plug-in

Coffee, cigarettes, candy, coke. ~ 4 of the 5 best words that start with C

Whomsoever I have forgotten ~ Keep on doing that thing there that it was that you were doing and stuff....?




A Tbbp (or compatible) Skeleton is required obviously.

I would recommend either using the XpMS versions handled by Groovetama (sp?) over in the HDT-PE section of LL

Or Visit SkullTyrant's Mod pages over on nexus for some custom skeleton goodness.


Other Notes:

Thanks, but I'm more than capable of uploading this to other sites if I want it there, Please refrain from doing so for the time being.

I'd rather decide for myself if I want it on nexus or the like (which I may or may not do idk yet).


If all else fails just ask.

What's New in Version 1.02


  • 1.02 Uploaded Version
  • 1.01 Slightly More Sane Slot Convention Use
  • 1.0 Fixed absolute texture paths
  • 0.9 mesh and texture touch ups
  • 0.8 Textures Finished
  • 0.75 Fixed Uv Sets :/
  • 0.7 Meshes Ironed out

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