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2 Versions

For the BnB Version you will need compatability skeleton


Multiple versions With bra or no bra

Skin or mail

Shoulder or no Shoulder

Etc etc

Enjoy :3




Found in goodsprings gas station has always =)


**Skin Version is not in this version** It is in The Nekomimi project complete clothing update #1**


Before anyone asks =o

i am trying to convert this body properly it is still a bit ugly

So yes i will make a complete nude body with this Melon

I might put boots on it though since the legs are giving me alot of problems

and i still really need to fix the armpits


*We do NOT allow ANY of our mods to be redistributed on ANY sites.* especially on nexus if you post my mods on nexus , i will get you banned

Goes for any other sites has well... Just give them a link to Lovers... u don't need to steal our 1500+ hours of work

What's New in Version 1


  • 2 versions only pick 1

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