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Rage of the Northman Part 3



the Battle for Whiterun






















Balgruuf : Vignar greymane your family was absent at the walls. it makes sense

Vignar you think this is Personal ? Skyrim needs a High King who will fight for it, and whiterun Needs a Jarl who will support the King

Balgruff just give me time to get my household and leave.





Balgruuf : i thought better of you

Ragnar i told you, i want the Imperials Gone.


During the chaos Ragnar Loots the Bank of whiterun


He then returns to windhelm and prays to talos for help in the upcoming battles



Liberation of Falkreath





















Liberation of the Reach


After the Liberation of Morthal Ragnar is promoted




Liberation of Solitude 










Ulfric it is time to Finish this War! 



after the fighting they storm castle daur




Ulfric: "Secure the door."
Galmar: "Already done."
Rikke: "Ulfric. Stop."
Ulfric: "Stop what? Taking Skyrim back from those who'd leave her to rot?"
Rikke: "You're wrong. Ulfric. We need the Empire. Without it Skyrim will assuredly fall to the Dominion."
Galmar: "You were there with us. You saw it. The day the Empire signed that damn treaty was the day the Empire died."
Ulfric: "The Empire is weak, obsolete. Look at how far we've come and with so little. When we're done rooting out Imperial influence here at home, then we will take our war to the Aldmeri Dominion."
Rikke: "You're a damn fool."
Galmar: "Stand aside woman. We've come for the General."
Rikke: "He has given up. But I have not."
Ulfric: "Rikke. Go. You're free to leave."
Rikke: "I'm also free to stay and fight for what I believe in."
Ulfric: "You're also free to die for it."
Rikke: "This is what you wanted? Shield brothers and sisters killing each other? Families torn apart? This is the Skyrim you want?!"
Galmar: "Damnit woman, stand aside."
Rikke: "That's not the Skyrim I want to live in."
Ulfric: "Rikke. You don't have to do this."
Rikke: "You've left me no choice... Talos preserve us."




Ulfric: "This is it for you. Any last words before I send you to Oblivion?"
Tullius: "You realize this is exactly what they wanted."
Galmar: "What who wanted?"
Tullius: "The Thalmor. They stirred up trouble here. Forced us to divert needed resources and throw away good soldiers quelling this rebellion."
Ulfric: "It's a little more than a rebellion, don't you think?"
Galmar: "Heh."
Tullius: "We aren't the bad guys you know."
Ulfric: "Maybe not, but you certainly aren't the good guys."
Tullius: "Perhaps you're right. But then what does that make you?"
Ulfric: "You just said it yourself."
Galmar: "It makes us right."
Tullius: "And if I surrender?"
Ulfric: "The Empire I remember never surrendered."
Galmar: "That Empire is dead. And so are you."
Tullius: "So be it."
Galmar: "Just kill him and let's be done with it already."
Ulfric: "Come, Galmar. Where's your sense of the dramatic moment?"
Galmar: "By the gods! If it's a good ending to some damn story you're after - perhaps the Dragonborn should be the one to do it."
Ulfric: "Good point."




Ragnar it isn't personal 

Ragnar takes Ulfrics sword and kills tulius




Galmar: "Good. It's done."
Ulfric: "Well, I suppose some kind of speech is in order."
Galmar: "I'll go gather the men in the courtyard."
Ulfric: "And Elisif?"
Galmar: "Don't you worry about her. I've sent my best men to round her up."




Galmar: "And now, I present to you, Ulfric Stormcloak, hero of the people, liberator and High King of Skyrim!"
Ulfric: "I am indeed Ulfric Stormcloak, and at my side the man we know as stormblade and the world knows as the Dragonborn. And indeed, there are many that call us heroes. But it is all of you who are the true heroes! It was you who fought a dying Empire who sunk its claws into our land, trying to drag us down with it. It was you who fought the Thalmor and their puppets who would have us deny our gods and our heritage. It was you who fought your kin who didn't understand our cause, who weren't willing to pay the price of our freedom. But more than that, it was you who fought for Skyrim, for our right to fight our own battles... To return to our glory and traditions, to determine our own future!"



After the speech Ragnar Pillages the Treasury of solitude






Ragnar honey im home, the war is over

Charlotte: i have heard,

Ragnar : let me remove that belt, also we are moving to a large house in windhelm




with the End of the War and the Destruction of the Imperial Presence in skyrim Ragnar now Known as Ragnar Storm-blade He and Charlotte live out their lives as one of the Richest families in skyrim

thanks to his looting of the banks of whiterun and solitude, in the years to come He and Charlotte would have 5 Children,, Ragnar became thane of winter hold and helped Ulfric run the new Government of Skyrim until Ufrics Death in the year 236 4E, Galmar being dead since 234 4E and neither of them having heirs, Ragnar Was Crowned Jarl of Skyrim as requested in the Will of Ulfric. the Moot elected Ragnar as High King in the year 237 4E where he Reigned for 10 years when  he died in  in the Year 247 4E at the Age of 72 his Son Ragnar the II of house Stormblade would succeed him to the thrones ofWindhelm and Skyrim. "Queen" Charlotte died in her sleep in the year of 273 4E 


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