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My Favorite Marvel Team: The Exiles.

Miss AshleyJ


What do you get when you mix Sliders, Quantum Leap and Marvel?


Interdimensional hijinks with incredible consequences, that's what.


"Exiles" got it's start in 2001, written by Judd Winick with art by Mike McKone. It began with mostly character who were alternate universe versions of not so promienet X-Men (though the character who basically became the book's star, Blink, was from "Age of Apocalypse".


They were brought together by the "Time Broker" a being who introduced himself as a representation of spacetime, telling them they'd all become unstuck in spacetime and they needed to travel to different universes to correct problems or else they'd never return home.


The concept of the Exiles is a divergent/alternate universe fan fic writer's wet dream. The first world they visit, super beings have all but been exterminated and Xaiver and Magneto have swapper personalities. 


This first stop also introduces something else that I like about these books. One of the characters dies on the first mission. Now, we all know, characters died all the time, but within about a year, boom, they're fine, it was a trick, it was a doombot etc... But in Exiles... Ya Dead, Ya Dead. And I think that gives so much added weight to the story, Actions have actual consequences!


The series ran for 100 issues, often adding an subtracting team members. it was given a second volume after the first run ended, but that didn't last.


Marvel did do a third run that went for 12 issues that just ended. This run actually added in a version of the character Valkyrie based upon Tessa Thompson's version in the MCU (though much taller and not a cynic) 



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