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Aurea, the Half-Breton



New blog for characters I make. Some of them might be candidates for becoming NPCs in the future, if there's interest. For the most part though, I just kind of want to see what sort of characters I can make by getting more involved with the tools I have available in racemenu. If anyone is interested in my hybrid companions mod, this will also be the place that their previews will show up first. *shameless plug* I'll probably also stay away from nudes, because of the fact I don't really want to get in trouble...


First up is Aurea, a lovely little half-breton. Her mother was a breton (obviously), but her father was a bosmer, granting her slightly more elf-like features than most. She usually chooses to hide this, especially in Skyrim... She's normally a nudist, preferring to use the arts of stealth and magic to remain unseen by her enemies, but I managed to get her in some clothing just long enough to take some pictures...


Probability of continuing playing with this exact character: Almost 0%, I keep remembering mods I want to add in, and my load order keeps getting shifted because of it. I did save her racemenu preset though, so I'll likely use her again, albeit a bit redesigned.


But yeah, stay tuned for more, assuming there's any interest at all in it.


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