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Prologue (7/8)






He probably thought I was drunk and horny. Well he was right about one of those things. In reality, I was more aware of this than anything else I had done this week. From the moment I had stepped on to the plane in Del Sol Valley, I had gone into work mode, just trying to check off all the boxes on my agency’s to do list to get back on track with my career and public image. The haze that surrounded my daily movements had dissipated as soon as I looked into his eyes. There was something about how uninvested he was in impressing me that made him that much more magnetic; he was just a boy and I was just a girl. The little voice in my head started screaming at me to remember where I was and who with; I had connections I was supposed to be making with models, fans I had to humor, and was already on thin ice from my prior exploits. But I was already all wound up at the ideas that had crawled into my head when I fell under his spell.


Fuck work. It was time for play.


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