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Things that are, things that will be, things I want, things I wish.....



So yeah! Some asshole pisses me off and steals my shit and because of it you guy get a blog update!




SO ya, as I told you guys 2 months or so ago, I would NOT be around this summer ( in the USA ) due to 3 factors:


1) My wife has a new WELL paying Union Job but has to work 1pm to 1am. This leads to 2...


2) My kids didn't get to go to the Jersey shore and be with my sister this summer like they do every year ( she had her own damn problems, OK?! ). As a Stay At Home Dad ( Mr.Mom ), this meant I had to manage THEM a LOT more this summer.... leading to 3......


3) I WANTED to be with my kids this summer. I spent time with them. We went out and DID things, forest walks, watching Ted Talks Kids together, discussing the very nature of reality, existence, and science. I'm OH SO SORRY I did not have time to answer all your questions / update my mod / help YOU fix your dumbass problems, I was a little busy loving my girls and trying to be a great dad and do my job. Did I upset YOU? Well, I really don't give two flying fucks......


ON THAT NOTE : I didn't forget you guys either! Take it for what you will, but not just me, but my WIFE ( ladyJag, of LadyJag's Modest Celestials ) have been working on the mod every damn chance we get! What is DONE you ask? Oh I don't know.... how about a CELESTIAL MALE?! Balance passes? A WHOLE NEW ADDON THAT IS OVER 3/4 THE SIZE OF CELESTIALS and has about ( currently ) more then 1/4 of all the old things you guys have asked for?


I could keep going, but I have no reason to. All I want to say to you guys is this :


Celestials v8 will be released when I think it is ready. This will be harder since it has to be balanced with CelestialReborn IN CASE some of you DO NOT want to use the new addon ( Reborn ) and / or are using an older version because you liked those forms better ( don't worry V6 and BELOW users, I have NOT forgotten you! ). I will say this ONE LAST TIME :




Anyone who thinks that just because my last release was a few months ago, and that I have not been active over the summer, can take my work and claim it as their own, weeeelll........


Fuck you. I will fight you tooth and nail. V8 will come when I think it is ready, AND NOT A MOMENT SOONER.


I hope I made myself;f clear, and I hope you guys understand and look FORWARD to the things I want to give you.






I REALLY want you guys to know I don't do this because I want recognition, I don't do this for " download numbers " ( do you have any idea how many times I switched hosts just for you guys? I lost count of how many people use my mod a LONG time ago ).


I make this mod for ME, and in some cases, my wife. It is NOT for YOU, all I decided was I had done such a good job I wanted to share it, and since that first share,well, the shit took off and now all I DO is share. I ended up working for all of YOU for something I made for MYSELF, and I DO NOT BLAME YOU. I am just telling you, yeah, that is what happened.....


The end I can say :


" I hope you like it, I really do. And if you do, that makes me proud of myself I made you happy, and if I made someone happy, then now I am happy. But if you DON'T like it, well, fuck you. I didn't actually do it to make YOU happy, I did it to make ME happy. "


I hope this makes sense and you guys understand.



P.S : just a sneak peek ( as I am prone to do in these blogs )... a new Let's Play is coming some time this month :)


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