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Character Bio: The Disgraced



blog-0254602001408565157.jpgThe Disgraced

Race: Succubus (Nexus link)

Class: Succubus (Sorceress)

Weapons: 1-Handed Sword

Armour Style: Light & Clothing

Residence: Markarth

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Guild: Forsworn Ally, College of Winterhold

Status: Active



She is named simply "The Disgraced" - she did SOMETHING to annoy Sanguine, her Daedric master. As such, her name was stripped from her and she was thrown into Nirn until she can appease him - she still has no idea what that is though. She started out in Markarth, owning Vlindrel Hall - not a shabby start. Her first order of business - infiltrate and corrupt the Temple of Dibella. While saving the new Sybil, she made many "friends" amongst the Forsworn. The Dibellan worshippers were most appreciative of her help. After her return to Markarth, she began integrating herself into the citizenship of The Reach.


As a Succubus, her life is in dedication to Sanguine and all of his virtues, most prominently debauchery and lust. However, she has lost favour with her master. Flung into Nirn, she was banished to Skyrim to appease him, her name stripped from her. She is now known only as "The Disgraced".


Taking possession of a property in Markarth, she began to spread Sanguine's love to the unwitting. Her first foray was to the Temple of Dibella. By becoming their hero of the hour, they were quickly pulled into her arms. Building on their existing sensual worship of Dibella, she capitalised on their nurturing affections. During her travels into the Reach, however, she expressed her darker carnal urges on the Forsworn that opposed her.


Her needs grew more desperate and impassioned. In an attempt to satisfy herself, she had herself purposefully thrown into Cidhna Mine, hoping to feed off the frenzy of hormones that must lay there. Unexpectedly, she find herself intrigued by the leader of the Forsworn, Madanach, and assisted with the escape of his brethren.


Following their escape, a change of scenery was in order. She has since travelled to Winterhold and placed herself amongst the mages of the College. Playing a dutiful and naive novice, she hopes to find more imagination amongst the Nordic-schooled scholars.


















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