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Since Morrowind and Oblivion takes place relatively during the same time. I nerded out and created a backstory for two characters and began to replay the The Elder Scrolls series with Morrowind-Skyrim. I originally wanted to make a video montage-y thing with it. But since they're all huge games with alot of content it would be too much for such a nerdy thing...


Long story short: Morrowind and Oblivion's characters were sisters, seperated at a young age and imprisoned for their parents involvements with necromancy. Hence why both games start you off in a prison/ transported to one.


If you remember, the Nerevarine of Morrowind traveled to Akivir and was never heard of again. The hero of Kvatch however, there's no record in tomes throughout Skyrim that claims to know what happened after the Oblivion Crisis. My character became a holy knight of "The Nine" and settled down to have several children and raised under the Priory strict religious rules. Most grew up to be simple farmers and traders. Some travelers seeking fortune.


Until one day... The dragonborn comes.


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