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More Various shite





As the title says this post will be discussing various shite. namely a new character and Arsenal football club (again) and don't worry the football shite will be in a spoiler for those of you who don't care.


But anyway in the second spoiler below you'll find shots of my new character and her appearance is subject to change (there are things I'm not entirely happy about with her appearance) and I'm wanting some name suggestions for her as I've got nothing (her current name is Lapis, a name I nicked from the anime Kaze no Stigma which is a good series and could've probably done with having a second season) so get suggesting.


Also I released Mist's, Storm's and Cris' presets on the nexus (which is where the image of Storm comes from in the second spoiler.)


Football shite:


Anyway Arsenal football club, they've signed both Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryanand both are brilliant signings HOWEVER my concern is where does this leave Lacazette? Who in their 5-1 win against Everton on Saturday was left on the bench in favour of Alex fucking Iwobi who's a decent player but Lacazette started out as a winger playing for Lyon and would have probably done a better job than Iwobi (who did do well to be fair to him) but my main beef is that Wenger seems to be treating Lacazette like absolute shit by benching him in favour of Aubameyang rather than playing the two of them together due to his refusal to play a 4-4-2 and when he was the first choice striker taking him off after 70 minutes almost every match (he's played about 2 matches for the full 90 minutes) and I would not be surprised if he decided he was fed up with Wenger's shit and handed in a transfer request at the end of the season (unless Ancelotti becomes the new manager in which case he might stay) so yeah I'm pissed of at how one of my favourite players is being treated.






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8 minutes ago, The Gauntman said:

Thanks for releasing the presets, any future plans on making followers at all?

The presets have actually been available for a while on LL (they're here) along with presets of some of my other characters, I've just released them on the nexus (and it's only Mist's, Storm's and Cris'.)


As for turning them into followers, this isn't Oblivion with its CM partners mod and I can't wrap my head around adding followers to Skyrim (I'm no modder, I can do the basics but anything more complicated escapes me) however you can use Familiar Faces to turn them into followers or if you (or someone else) has the know how to make them into followers feel free to.

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Working buddy said the Wenger is far over his peak, and his choices of late are crappy. The player he baught from Dortmund is far less worth then what he actually was sold for. A player refusing to work, and now he is supposed to deliver again? No way, he could have pushed the price down further, but it's either Wenger to lazy, or to rich to actually care about that.

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