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Someone asked for a high-res copy of my avatar, but they were a guest account and/or didn't have private messages enabled. So, I'm posting it here!


A year or two back, I thought it'd be fun to figure out how to make animations. SFM was free, so that's what I went with -- not realizing at the time that it couldn't do Skyrim animations. After a bit of mucking around in SFM, I found that I didn't care about Skyrim animations anymore.


This animation was the third I worked on, after two involving Halo's elites that weren't good enough to publish. I made this one using an asset pack called the "Skyrim Megapack," which I found way back in the day on some random forum. I tried publishing a gif of the full five second loop (something like a dozen limb motions as smooth and non-clipping as I could make 'em) online, but the particular site I tried to post on (which will not be named -- I've nothing against them) decided it wasn't worth allowing onto the site. Crushed at the time, I hid my animation files in a folder on my modding drive and forgot about 'em. Time wasn't kind to those animations, either, and now loading up those animations leaves a mess of minor clipping and weird timing changes.


This is just a static image, one of the properly aligned poses left in the data. For whosoever was interested in it... enjoy!


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