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<Insert Jaws 'Duuun dun, duuun dun' music here> Aka. Family Time and Pictures



Family is a funny thing at times.


To briefly explain, things have been problematic in the family since I, the the eldest child, was born. Thing got better when my dad moved out. He had (has?) an anger that was volatile and bit unpredictable.


Since then my mother, my sibling and myself have been healing and working through our problems.


As time has moved on, we've made progress in our lives and all that good stuff. However, we've been avoiding a type of conversation with our father, because of his anger and the backlash it may have.


Why bring this up? In a metaphor, we thought a door was open, but it might be closed or just a damn good painting of an open door. My plan is to have the uncomfortable conversation later today. Fun times.


So, the fun something better than my need to unload my life problems! Hurray!


I've got a small collection of my drawing from over the years. I figure someone here might like them. Or just hate them and wants to burn them. Admittedly, some of them we already burned, because a cat peed on them.


Like the skeleton in my portrait. That's Bob the skeleton, and yes, he lacks a spine. Nothing a bit o' magic can't fix.


Anyhow, here's a couple of drawings. Should be noted, that a portion of the draws are what one would call unfinished.


and yes, I know I need to setup an image gallery sometime.


If you use these, please credit me.




Also, decent image gallery website recommendations are welcome. I got some 300 plus files to upload.


Thank you for your time.

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