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Kyceria's Exile - Chapter 2



Chapter 2


“Ok, first thing we need to do, is get rid of those horrid clothes,” The woman had said.


Kyceria took no offense to this, even though she had sewn them herself. Her clothes had been made from plant fibers, and using a homemade needle of some bone she had found on the ground for Mitra’s sake. Even she thought they looked bad. She was used to wearing much nicer things than this, and looked forward to seeing whatever Kassalyn had for her.


“Well, don’t take all day, get to it,” Kassalyn was saying.
“Out….here?” Kyceria said as she looked around. They were still standing outside the house. Kyceria had been brought up in the city, in Aquilonia, and as such was very, very modest. She was told she had a beautiful body, but she was not was not accustomed to showing it off. It just seemed weird to her, to disrobe, outdoors.


Nevertheless, she started by removing the top. She was quite buxom in the chest, she was acutely aware of that. All the boys made no pretense of hiding their stares. Visibly uncomfortable with this, she fidgeted around, taking her time removing her rough spun pants. Kassalyn was growing more and more impatient.
Finally, Kyceria stood naked, outside, in front of her fully clothed owner.


“Now. Throw them in the fire,” Kassalyn said. “you will not be needing those anymore.”


Kyceria did as she was told, and tossed her clothes in the fire. She looked around. She could resist no more, so she asked, “Ma’am, what am I to put on?”
Kassalyn laughed. “Put on? Girl, you are not to put anything on. Your first rule. You are not allowed to wear clothing. ever. Unless I specifically say so.”


There was a slight pause, as this fully sank in, then Kyceria exclaimed, “But, miss Kassalyn!! I cannot run around with no- urrglggll”
Her words were cut off as Kassalyn grabbed her mouth, pinching her jaw between her thumb and forefinger.
“Second rule!” She shouted, “You will address me as mistress! That is what you will call me from now on. And you are a slave. Slaves do not wear clothes, unless their master or mistress says so. Do you understand?” Kassalyn released her hold just enough so Kyceria could speak.


“yes.” Kyceria said quietly, nodding and shaking with fear.
“yes, what?” Kassalyn asked, expectantly.
“yes, ma’am- err….mistress! I mean, yes, mistress.”
Kassalyn’s tone softened, and she smiled. “Ma’am is fine girl. You may call my ma’am, also, if you like. Now turn around. Time for punishment.”


“Wh-?” Kyceria was perplexed, but she turned around. Kassalyn, seeing Kyceria’s bewilderment, explained that when slaves break the rules, they need to be punished. Even though Kyceria didn’t know the rule, she would still be punished, because she had broken it. She made Kyceria face the wall, and place her hands on it. Then she took her sword out, and smacked Kyceria on the ass, hard, with the flat o f the blade. Kyceria was told to count the strokes out loud.
“One!” she cried.
“One, what?” Kassalyn, said, “-and start over, until you get it right.” She smacked the girl again.
“One! …. mistress!” Kyceria remembered to say.


This continued for a little while, until mistress decided to stop. Kyceria was hurting, but strangely, she also felt an odd excitement, coupled with a strange desire, that was new to her. After it was over, mistress Kassalyn petted her, and told her that she had decided to reward her new pet. It was a small skirt, made of leather. It wasn’t very large, but at least it barely covered her, and gave some semblance of at least something to cover her. She was told that she could put it on, and wear it, as long as she was outdoors, and only then. Kyceria thanked her mistress profusely for it.


After that, it was simple tasks, like gathering stone or wood, little things to help mistress build the house. Kyceria asked at some point if she could go back to her original camp across the river, and dismantle it, and perhaps pick up anything useful out of her box. “You can build a box?” Kassalyn had looked at her oddly. Kyceria had not even thought to tell her mistress this. It seemed like just a natural thing to her, but yes, she had figured out how to make herself a primitive wooden storage box out of the things she found, so anything that she wanted to keep would not be just laying on the ground. After that, mistress told Kyceria that she could in fact go back and dismantle her campsite, but she would go with her. But for now, she could build a storage box for their house.


That night, Kyceria proudly showed her mistress the storage box she had been able to build. As she drug it into the house, she asked where she should put it. Mistress was looking at her disapprovingly. Kyceria suddenly remembered, she still had her precious skirt on. Scrambling, she tried to take it off as fast as she could.


“You are such a slut,” Kassalyn groaned, wearily shaking her head, “I think you may be actually wanting to be punished! Now. Up against the wall, spread your legs out.”


Kyceria backed up to the wall, and spread her legs, ever so slightly. She was very self conscious, as she did this. Mistress may have a point. She was already noticing that same excitement from before spreading through her, even at this simple act, being made to stand here and the mere expectation of a punishment.


“You need not count this time,” Mistress was saying. She produced a small whip like thing, with several strands, and begin to smack Kyceria’s breasts and crotch area with it. Kyceria endured it, feeling more and more excited by the minute.


After that, and after they moved the storage box to a good location, it was time for bed. Mistress told Kyceria to come over, and kneel before her. Kyceria obliged, and as she looked up, her mistress removed her own skirt, letting it drop to the floor. The expectations were rather obvious. Mistress told her to kiss her between her legs, like she was kissing a long lost lover. Kyceria, tentative at first, gave it her best shot. As she pleasured her mistress, she was finally allowed to pleasure herself also, but only after mistress told her she could.


Then she curled up, and drifted off to sleep.


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