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Back on track.



So have not made an entry in a while. My bad, things have been a little hectic around here the last few months. Anyway I'm back on Track(ish). Some stuff that I HAVE been working on that WILL be coming :


Animation Pack : after being asked about animations more then anything else on my videos, I told myself to get this out. So I did.


Celestials v7.2 ( includes the Summons and the Goddess. Goddess is not just the form, she is a fightable NPC with her own Lair ). This is VERY close to being done and released.


My ENB : Pretty close, it's good, looks good etc. My biggest problem is making the settings work with a multitude of different video cards / card settings in OS / Skyrim Graphical settings. If I can narrow these down just a LITTLE more I will release my Skyrim ENB.


A reVamp of Shaydow's Look&Level : Well the "level" is out, but only because HR fixed all the shit they broke the last time. I did a translation, though I also modded that translation, so crap. Expect this to be released sometime after my next series of let's play Skyrim videos, as I expect this to be in demand.


My ( newest ) HDT PE : I've seen some interest in this, so I will release it. My biggest concern is that it uses the newest HDT PE .dll, so I will have to answer my trouble shooting questions more then I will want. IRONICALLY, the changes made to the base XML included in the release are VERY SMALL, I'm just a fan of realism.


Shaydow's Serana : Don't ask why I have not packaged this and shared it yet. Just to much other shit going on I guess. It is here on the bottom for a reason, it is just a minor thing, but a good one, that I will release when I get the chance to make sure it is all packaged and working properly.


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