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Corrupted Save - What Could Have Been - What's Upcoming



So the latest news is, I had just started working on a picture set in the Oblivion planes when I clicked save and the game crashed and corrupted the save file. And just like that my Dremora character that I worked hard to get the face just right was gone forever.


When I got over that loss and went back to Oblivion to see what I would do, I realized I now know how to place and manipulate those Oblivion gates... if you follow my WoW stuff on Darknest you may remember that I also love the game Portal... well that should give you a pretty big hint of what's upcoming... Its going to be fun!


So here's what I lost when the Oblivion save corrupted itself. :( It was such a nice start too IMO.






But the Oblivion gate in the background spawned a new (old) idea in my head. The backstory is that Angela buys Rosethorn Hall (one of the player-buyable houses in the Oblivion, in case you've already forgotten) and finds something in the basement which she did not expect... :)






The lighting above is bad and I made it much better in later images, so these will have to be "re-shot". What do you think she's staring at in the last couple? I bet no one gets it right, but there is a very slight hint in the last image. :)


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Is she staring at a vampire? Because of the garlic braid on the bedpost? If it is a garlic braid, that is. ;)

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It is garlic, but that's not it, the garlic isn't the hint. :) And thanks for the compliments (as usual)! I've learned to never save over my only save :(

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