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The End of an Era



Well folks, it's time.


Recently I purchased some new PC parts. Long overdue for an upgrade. Unfortunately, I ran into a problem that I, as an inexperienced PC builder, had not anticipated. My new motherboard is a different brand than my old one, so it's going to necessitate reinstalling basically everything. This means my Skyrim install will have to be rebuilt from the ground up as well. I have no idea how long this will take, and there's a slim chance, depending on my relative ineptitude and/or bad luck, that some or all characters may not survive.


The current plan for the upgrade is to install onto a new, clean HD instead of overwriting the existing one. Simple enough.


Pertaining to Skyrim, my plan after I post this blog is thus:

  1. Create a cannon fodder test character.
  2. Export her face geometry.
  3. Find where this geometry is saved.
  4. Load and import said geometry to see if I can do it.
  5. Assuming this succeeds, export all characters I want to save and store the files somewhere secure.

Frankly, while frustrating and nerve-wracking, a complete reinstall is greatly needed. My install is old, dating back to 2013 or so, and it's got a lot of loose crap it doesn't need. The hope is, with a better processor and double the RAM of my present build, the game will behave a bit better. Being non-SSE, I can only expect so much since it can't take advantage of 64bit processing like SSE can, but a guy can hope.


For those curious whose faces I will be attempting to save, listed roughly by priority:

  • Selune
  • Eldawen
  • Maechen
  • Kallista
  • Lillian

Other characters will likely see a return, particularly Kynre, but I'm not as satisfied with their faces as I am the five listed above.


Assuming my friend is still available to help me, then tomorrow will be the day the computer surgery takes place. I work the entire rest of the week following that, so don't expect screenshots declaring success anytime soon, but I'll probably make another blog post letting you know if things go smoothly with the upgrade itself.


Talos guide me...


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save all presets on a flash drive, screenshot all sliders and changes, type up a document showing what mods used to make said characters, save bodyslide if you got that too. If anything goes wrong, you know how to remake them.

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That totally sucks! I hope it goes smoothly for you. I'm sure you've got everything covered, but if you use MO you can literally copy your entire mod folder onto a separate HDD/SDD and just repaste it into the new Skyrim/MO directory, meaning you won't have to reinstall all your mods. At least that is what I did when my C drive crashed once upon a time. ^And what r1pper said. Good luck!

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