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    I'm Collygon. I got the nickname from my friend Mark when I was like 13. Neither of us are sure where it came from, but we just rolled with it. I've used it for all my usernames ever since. I joined LL many years ago, but didn't actually become active until I came home after a party kinda drunk and decided I wanted to start a blog. So I did. Since then, I've expanded the blog and my online persona beyond any expectations my weird, drunk self ever thought. You may know me for my poser mod, or my poser guide. You may follow me for The Frost of Ages and my other short stories. Or maybe you came here after finding my other armor and weapon mods. Whatever the case, I'm glad you're here!

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  1. Newest Update: Modern Set Added! Hey guys! This is my official mod page for all my mods. Whenever I release a mod, be it on the Nexus, tumblr, or twitter it can also be found here! This page will be republished every time I release a new mod as well. To download the mod, simply click on the image. It will redirect you to the download location. Some mods have additional downloads or features. If so, it will be listed below the image. NEWEST ADDITION(S): Special Edition -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This armor also comes with a UUNP NIF for those who use bodyslide. Download it here: DOWNLOAD! Shizuekaryan made a fantastic conversion of this armor to CBBE! Download it here: DOWNLOAD! Collygon's Poser Special Edition HERE! I made a guide for using Free Object Poser, as well as for making your own poses. Check it out: HERE! Manjushage made an awesome mod utilizing Free Object Poser! Download it: HERE! Special Edition Special Edition Special Edition Special Edition Special Edition Special Edition Special Edition Special Edition Straw Hats - Slot 60 Fix (Changes the hat to use slot 60, so it can be worn with circlets) Standalone. Straw Hats - SSE with slot 60 fix Sorceress99 did a terrific job making a CBBE conversion of Tenderfoot Wanderer! Download it out here: DOWNLOAD Special Edition Special Edition General Andreis converted my poser to SSE. You can find the link right here on Loverslab! HERE!
  2. Thank you for the explanation. And I suppose Nora wasn't without punishment at all, since she was the only one imprisoned at the beginning as well. Very good point, I didn't even consider that. Nicely done!
  3. A well done end to a great chapter! I really enjoyed the ups and downs throughout chapter 10. The uncertainty with the stakes put up was really fun to read. I do wish the language was translated though maybe in parenthesis or something, but not a big deal. However, Nora not receiving any consequences seemed a bit of character for Diana. She spent all this time seeking justice and the truth, but when Thomas very obviously just said he did it to cover for Nora, she just accepts that? But either way, this was a phenomenal chapter over all! Great work
  4. Collygon

    Déjà fait.

    Great stuff, Crw! For this entry and the last! The storylines may be slow to start weaving together, but it's been fantastic with developing the characters. I love it! Keep it up!
  5. Thanks! And yes, I plan to! I just need to finish the scabbards
  6. Thank you; that means a lot. Especially with so many pose mods to choose from. I hope I can continue to meet expectations
  7. I can't see much about the log. All it did was confirm that it was from ring #2. The text is hard coded in the .esp, yes. That is how all ring mods work. The only way to change it is to load the esp and change the text in the creation kit.
  8. Yes, you must keep the exact same naming convention. To return to normal, all you have to do is jump or use the ring again. If it is on an NPC, use the power that was used to pose them again or use \tc in the console and jump with them. I assume you are talking about Poser 2 #55? I don't know why you are encountering a crash. It doesn't result in a crash on my end or any of my other testers. Maybe the file is missing? Did you try replacing that one? Try redownloading. I have no idea what is causing the crash, unfortunately.
  9. You can always replace the HKX files with another pose. They're in meshes/actors/character/animations/CollyPoser. Just overwrite them. Though I'm not sure why you would. You are able to use multiple pose mods. But yeah, just replace the HKX files of your choice with the pose you want! Easy :)
  10. Hey, You're not doing anything wrong. It's just a problem with the animation tools n3 export. My rig made adjustments to the bone, so it's as accurate as possible without changing the animation tools n3 export script. It really is just trial and error. Another big factor is how the arm and hand is positioned. I find that the more "wild" the arm/hand is posed, the less accurate my "99%" claim becomes. I would recommend using Animation Tools N3+. It is a bigger update of the tool, which was made after my guide was. So this tutorial is a bit outdated. I don't know if that tool has a weapon node though. But yeah... I wish I could give you a better answer.
  11. Fantastic stuff! So tense and captivating. The dialogue was really well done. Those kind of scenes are really tough to do right. l've absolutely loved how this chapter continues to leave me guessing. Hopefully we won't have to wait as long for the next one?
  12. Hey! That's tough to diagnose through just text. Plus, I use Blender and not 3DS max. If you are able to import it into Blender, my Free Object Poser download comes with a blend file that has 'Copy Cubes'. Import your NIF, merge your NIF with one of the copy cubes, delete the copy cubes original faces, then remove your original NIFs material in the materials tab. THen just delete everything except for your merged NIF and export it as a NIF. That should work. But if not, add me on Discord here: Collygon #3938. It'll be much easier for me to help you if I can see what's going on myself. I'm happy to lend whatever aid I can!
  13. I freaking loved this! So cute and charming and fun! The two daedra's 'sexy shots' were very nice, haha. I've very much missed your stories and this one really reminded me of that. I'm happy you were able to find the time to make this for us!
  14. Collygon

    Déjà vu

    Wow! Fantastic stuff! The opening battle sequence was thrilling and I love this dragonborn posse! You continue to reel me in with every chapter. Great work!
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