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    I'm Collygon. I got the nickname from my friend Mark when I was like 13. Neither of us are sure where it came from, but we just rolled with it. I've used it for all my usernames ever since. I joined LL many years ago, but didn't actually become active until I came home after a party kinda drunk and decided I wanted to start a blog. So I did. Since then, I've expanded the blog and my online persona beyond any expectations my weird, drunk self ever thought. You may know me for my poser mod, or my poser guide. You may follow me for The Frost of Ages and my other short stories. Or maybe you came here after finding my other armor and weapon mods. Whatever the case, I'm glad you're here!

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  1. Collygon

    Secrets that we keep.

    Damn! Really great entry. The action was well shot and exciting and the stakes coming up in the end were intense! I love how these have been ending lately. There's solid conclusion with a bit of mystery for what's coming. Excellent!
  2. Woaahhh, this was a badass chapter! "Don't teach me how to breath while stepping on my throat" I love that line. And that ending... Oooh, the shots and dialogue really established the intensity. Fantastic!
  3. Ah, I see. Well, regardless, her story was well done overall! I don't want to give details on a release on my story yet. I'm insanely busy lately as I am going through a move. However, Chapter Five Prologue through Act Six is done. I just made myself a promise to shoot everything before release to ensure a smooth upload schedule this time.
  4. Woah, that was bold of Stan O.o Seems Nora's "discipline" may be having a reverse effect on him. And I'm glad to see Hannah is turning things around. Been a while since we saw her; it's great to see her story progressing! Though I must admit, I did not think she'd turn around so smoothly
  5. Collygon

    Burn not your house...

    Damn, this was a rollercoaster! You kept me on the edge of my seat. Love the idea of the daedra heart instead of a briar heart. Kinda makes me wanna see Hella succeed >.> But Sinetica's mysterious plans make me want to see what happens! Gah. I love it! And Mr.Fluffers OP, plz nerf xD
  6. Dang, this is getting more and more mysterious. O.o It seems like she has some control over the situation, yet no control over the outcome? Really wanting to figure out how she gets out of this!
  7. This is how all blog updates should be done! Sucks to hear you had to do a complete reinstall. I have somehow managed to avoid needing that so far, so I can't imagine the frustration. Very excited to see the new stories in your beautiful, revamped Skyrim
  8. Nice entry! Thomas has quite the sordid past O.o Damn. Hope we get to explore more of it as the chapter continues!
  9. Collygon

    The games we play.

    Nice! I love the look of Clavicus. A seriously underrated daedra. I'm loving what you're doing with him. And poor Angelica! A safe word is for both people, not just the bottom 😢
  10. Very ominous! Nice work on the transitions both in and out of the dream. It made it seem like the dream nightmare never really ended. Some strong, creepy vibes! Well done!
  11. Collygon

    Enemy within.

    I didn't catch that! :O That's actually brilliant and I wish I noticed it myself. Really great detail!
  12. Collygon

    Enemy within.

    Woah, things took a wild turn! Plus a great cliff hanger! Makes me wonder how she broke the effects of that collar 🤔Was she ever really controlled? Or did she snap out of it? I don't know and it's exciting!
  13. Confirmed! This works. I'll update the guide with this new information! Thank you!
  14. Newest Update: Giant Slayer Greatsword Added! Hey guys! This is my official mod page for all my mods. Whenever I release a mod, be it on the Nexus or tumblr it can also be found here! This page will be republished every time I release a new mod as well. To download the mod, simply click on the image. It will redirect you to the download location. Some mods have additional downloads or features. If so, it will be listed below the image. NEWEST ADDITION: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This armor also comes with a UUNP NIF for those who use bodyslide. Download it here: DOWNLOAD! Shizuekaryan made a fantastic conversion of this armor to CBBE! Download it here: DOWNLOAD! General Andreis converted my poser to SSE. You can find the link right here on Loverslab! HERE! I made a guide for using Free Object Poser, as well as for making your own poses. Check it out: HERE! Manjushage made an awesome mod utilizing Free Object Poser! Download it: HERE! Sorceress99 did a terrific job making a CBBE conversion of Tenderfoot Wanderer! Download it out here: DOWNLOAD General Andreis converted my poser to SSE. You can find the link right here on Loverslab! HERE!
  15. Brilliant! So fucking funny! "Maybe we can form a rope with our clothes" xD Seriously, top notch entry. And it's earlier than usual?? Keep them coming, Devianna! Excellent work!
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