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DDX Transparency Fix

Tifa Lockheart


Ok so , many many people seem to be having the issue with bodyslide , meshes , invisible hobble skirts la la la , tears - face keyboard - sob /my life is ruined ( i know the devious mods are just that great !) well, worry no more!


Making the assumption you have all the stuff you need (latest DDA , DDI, DDX , bodyslide etc) this is what to do:


1: Open bodyslide.


2: Outfit Search for DDX , DDA , (DCL if you use it), as if youre like me youll have TONS of bodyslide outfits (this can be found top right of bodyslide)


3: Left CTRL & click batch build for each outfit search as stated above ^ (dont forget the left ctrl, its important as it allows you to pick where to save to, i made a temporary dektop folder for ease of checking it built what i was missing)


4: you should have your meshes folder in the location you chose to save to by now , check the file structure , i think bodylide makes it Meshes/meshes/item folders. Obviously we only want meshes/item folders.


5: Copy Meshes/items to your game directory , paste / replace as necessary.


6 :et voila, look super pretty all tied up n_n


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It would be smart to check "Build Morphs" as well, or else a lot of mods that scale bodyparts may not work propperly.

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In your first screenshot under Outfit/Body dropdown menu I don't have DDx, DDa, etc. Only cbbe body, cbbe body hdt, cbbe feet, cbbe vanilla, etc. Did I install bodyslide improperly? I used Mod Organizer to install bodyslide, dcl and all its requirements.

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mod organiser i found to be an asshole with bodyslide and the devious family of mods , i actually navigated to mod organisers "mods" folder and cut - pasted the contents of each mods folder inside the game itselfs data directory then ran bodyslide from there. if you are unsure , make a backup copy of your game before you do so in case you break anything ;)

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I still cant see the items am i this stupid i did everything that the steps said still dont see anything ????

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Could someone make a video of it please

I only open with MO the Body slide tool. And then pressed "Batch Build" And it worked!

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you sir, you have my respect


Awh thanks kindly, it was no drama an seemed a common issue way back an I chat to kimy a fair bit so I figured itd save people time an bodge a terrible guide haha! Also im no sir, well I guess I could pretend to be xD but I wouldnt be convincing xD

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