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1. Meet my family

Comrade Isbariya


    Daeron, that's me. I came the long way from Cyrodiil, just to get dragged into all this.
    I haven't even reached my destination yet, and probably I won't be able to for a long time from now, but I stopped caring too much, because life held a few surprises for me lately.
    First, there's my twin-brother Giciel, who decided to follow me, shortly after I left, although I didn't want him to. He's always had his head in the clouds, pretty much like this:
    And when I was younger, I could swear that one day he'd just fly off like this:
    Anyway, enough joking. Giciel has become a reliable healer, like he always wanted. I wouldn't want to miss him on my journey, and secretly I'm glad that he's here with me, although I'd rather knew him staying out of all the trouble.
    I wish I was the great hero wielding a magical blade and being able to overcome anything, that he sees in me, but I'm afraid I'm not. We're just refugees after all. Even though we were only children when our Family finally Chose to leave Morrowind, I can still remember home, which was the reason I left our new home in Cheydinhal after all.
    I never told him, that my journey to Morrowind almost lead to my death when I accidently got involved in the incident between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials. If I did, I'm sure he'd insist to follow my every footstep from now on. At least he knows about everything that happened after I could escape from Helgen. Me, the Dragonborn... Farewell Morrowind, Farewell my Cyrodiilian home...
    Call me a coward, but yes, I was thinking about running away, completing my journey or head home and forget about everything I've heard or seen. By Azura, I'm an artist and a trader, not a fighter. Not even a half decent one. Not to mention a magician.
    I was just about to leave, when I met 'him'. Nelthas, a cold and cruel assassin with a dark past. At least that's what he declares himself to be. But I... know better than that. Remembering how he insulted me, because I was hiding from bandits instead of fighting, and rather watched him doing 'the dirty work', we didn't have the best start. But I couldn't do anything else than that. His swiftness and agility were amazing. The way he fought, even killed... it reminded more of a bloody Dance than an actual fight. It was fascinating. My luck that he couldn't stand another Dunmer hiding cowardly - especially the one everyone called the Dragonborn.
    What I know about fighting, I know from him. And he even showed me a lot more while time passed. By Azura, I don't need to tell you that I couldn't resist him, do I? It wasn't long until my brother suggested to get married. And after getting tired of refusing, we finally did.
    I've seen my dear brother a lot with a blonde girl lately, but I still have to investigate that case, if you know what I mean.
    After we got married, we bought that nice little house in the middle of Pinewood Forest. It is nice and cozy, and just perfect whenever we come back from one of our trips around Skyrim, because I have grown somewhat prominent by now. I really savour the time at 'home'.
    Once, when we were on a trip to the cold north - and I tell you, cold is the friendliest word of the century for a place like this - we met a few fellow Dunmer, who were refugees too while we rested in Windhelm. The Nord didn't really treat them well, but what did I expect? And among them, there was that boy, Zirain.
    He lost his parents some time ago, and other than a guy who kept an eye on him from time to time, he was all alone. My brother and I have a certain weakness if it comes to kids, and first, I thought that he'd take him in anyway, but in the end he made me take him home, stating that Nelthas and I were the ones who would never have our own offspring after all. If looks could kill, my brother would be dead by now. I think my dear husband really had other ideas - before he met me.
    So there's our newly adopted son to make home feel even more like home, and us like the family that we are, while at the same time sealing my near future in Skyrim.
    So far about my closest family, but there are way more persons I share a deep friendship with. Persons, you wouldn't really expect to hear of from a Dunmer.
    First, there's Arivain, a Redguard who claims to have Dunmer blood in his veins. There are some similarities, so I don't have any doubt about that. Even if he hadn't, his Magic saved my life a douzen times. I have stopped counting how much I owe him by now. We met him in Whiterun, when we had to stay a night in the Bannered Mere.
    I'd truly miss his great sense of humor and his loose mouth if he wasn't with us anymore - no matter how much it can get us into trouble.
    Then, there's that 'youth' we found in a... coffin in the Molded Ruins. We took him along, for whatever reason. Maybe, because I felt secure with all of my friends around me, until he became a friend, too. A Vampire... My ancestors would probably toss and turn in their graves if they knew.
    Azel chose to stay with us, and if it wasn't for him, we'd all have starved or died of scorbut by now. He's a fantastic chef, and an honourable swordsman on top of it. Given that he had a lot of time to train due to what he is, that shouldn't be too surprising.
    Finally, there's Gucci, a liza... I mean Argonian. Actually, his real name is something else, but I can't pronounce it, even if my life would depend on it, so we simply call him Gucci. Oh I remember him swearing about us Dunmer and all the Nord, and how he would have almost chosen cutting his own tongue than to thank us for rescuing his son, Armani.
    It was due to his and our little one, that we got to know each other better. Not that Nelthas liked it at first, but sometimes destiny spins weird paths and crosses them even weirder.
    Gucci is a well trained spellsword, and not really happy about his son wanting to become a bard. I mean - honestly, have you ever heard an Argonian singing?
    Still, he seems to practise in every free minute he can find, even if it's already time for bed. I'm just glad he didn't pick the drums.
    And guess what? Gazing outside the window, I feel there's another marriage coming soon...
    It's such a gift and a relief to have them at the same time. I'd never be able to fulfil the expectations the people of Skyrim have of a Dragonborn, if I wouldn't have my family. We protect each other and cheer each other up in darker times, and we laugh together and share our newest adventures in lighter times.
    They make me the person I am. I am Daeron, a Dunmer refugee who finally found a place to call home, a loving husband and father, a brother, and by Azura, even a Dragonborn.


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Thank you. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^_^

I'm still thinking about a topic for the second one. 


How about: kill lizards and make a Gucci and Armani brand ;)

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