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In case anyone hasn't been following my thread, I finally managed to finish off converting the Apachii Goddess Store to DMRA, and have started working on the Krista "Lady" mods (post three holds what I've done so far). Once I finish that, I'll probably be more or less done with doing conversions for Oblivion. Though if something catches my interest, I might convert it. And yes, I am ignoring any and all requests right now, not sure if I will bother taking any more.


As for Skyrim... Meh. Not sure if it would be worth my time learning how to do conversions for Skyrim, and I've yet to find a body type that I actually like. Though it may be tempting if I could find something close to the DMRA body...



Anyway, big thanks to everyone here for your support, I'd never have made it this far without you.


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