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Welcome to My Blog (Again)

Aria Bal


Welcome To Aria's and Phoenix new Blog


So after losing my other account Agent Tex i had to create a new one has i no longer have the access to it. But the Blog will still contain all of my Story chapters and so on.Now the story continues. But a new post wont be until 3 or 4 weeks as that when the last chapter is released on Agent Texs (my other blog) Blog (Sorry there on a countdown)


Now some of you might still think im not really who i say i am. I am Mike , i am Tex. So i will post behind the scenes stuff either on here or on my NSFW Blog.


Now some enjoy some pictures of Aria.



Aria : I hate this place. Tex i mean Aria wow that wired please dont make me go into a fucking cave again.



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Thanks Elf Prince but now things are sorted im gonna remove this account everything wil still be on my Blog

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