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Switching to S.A.M.



I'm switching to SAM and will be doing a complete wipe and re-install of skyrim. I've looked around for instructions on installing SAM and this being new to me I'm half confused. I will be doing the recommended install with the Skyrim re-install and putting SAM in there first. My first attempt to switch to SAM resulted in concave pecs belly and this weird thing happening to my characters ass cheeks.


What I want to have and working is:


the physics extension for the body to have jiggly butt pecs and stomach so I can use cum inflation but am looking for a recommended install order after installing SAM.


Also was using Bigger Argonian Tails and wondering if i can use that with SAM.


During my first attempt with the willy addon for SAM I could not adjust the size of the schlong but then again i was using SOS with racemenu plugin so i had sliders to adjust that and lost those sliders when moving to SAM and i know that SOS is not compatible with it.


I have seen plenty of whats needed to run SAM but again still confused about getting it working. I'm not that big of a modder with this.

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ok managed to fix the concave portions of the the body it was just a lod order issue now i cant find anything that controls the schlong scaling that SAM uses. i have the hdt willy addon in there and it since and floppy but still i cant find anything for sliders or anything in the MCM that controlls the scaling. all the SAM MCM does is maybe increase the thickness. Does anyone have an answer to this delima

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